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30 Number of seconds (30) Demian Maia needed to drag Nate Quarry to the canvas. Then it was only a matter of time before he finished with a rear naked choke.

889 Percentage (88.9) of fights on the UFC 91 card to be stopped. The Jorge Gurgel vs. Aaron Reilly fight, an entertaining stand up battle, went the distance with Reilly winning.

353 The main card fights averaged only (3:53). Four of the five didn't make it to round two. Because of this, pay-per-view buyers were treated to...

100 Percentage (100) of the UFC 91 card to be shown on the PPV broadcast. Is that a Zuffa era first?

90 Randy Couture and Brock Lesnar entered the building (90) minutes apart. Randy rolled in at 5:21 pm, while Brock checked in at 6:51 pm.

18 Number of apartment buildings (18) Ohioan Josh Hendricks previously managed...Talk about a pain in the arse, but he probably didn't get hit as hard in that job as he did by Gabriel Gonzaga.

61 Gonzaga needed just (61) seconds to KO Hendricks. Then Joe Rogan asked Gonzaga who he thought would win between Randy and Brock and he said Randy. Immediately following the prediction they showed the text voting, (61%) agreed with Gonzaga.

3 Number of chairs (3) for one hot ring girl in Arianny Celeste. She's been solo for a while now. Nobody seems to be complaining...

22 Age (22) of welterweights Dustin Hazelett and Tamdan McCrory. They put on an exciting fight with Hazelett bending McCrory's arm like it was a garden hose.

44 A little math and we see that Hazelett and McCrory's combined age (44) is still one year younger than Randy Couture!

1 Jeremy Stephens was all about (1)...(1) massive uppercut, (1) sprint into the cage, and (1) slobbery mouthpiece hurled into the crowd.

50 During the broadcast Rogan interviewed (50) Cent who called the Lesnar victory. (50) was promoting the release of "Before I self-destruct" on December 9th. Rogan warned, "Buy it, don't download it b!tche$!"

3 Kenny Florian had (3) inches on the 5'7" Joe Stevenson. He also had four inches of reach. He used his length to sink in a rear naked choke at 4:03 of round one, and then he used his mouth to respectfully call out B.J. Penn.

859 It was (8:59 pm) Las Vegas time when youth met experience as Randy and Brock touched them up.

807 It took (8:07) for Brock to take the belt from Randy. Afterward Couture said of Lesnar, "Those are some big **** ham hocks coming at you." Now those ham hocks are wrapped around the belt and we will see if "Big Nog," Mir, or who knows who else can rip it from Lesnar's ham hockish grip. 

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