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Recently I received via e-mail from the Fan Nation

 administrator, as well as from PUCKHEAD friend NYR35, information relating to an advertisement in the most recent issues of Sports Illustrated.

Mar 12, 2007 | Volume 106, Issue 1

 See page 26 the Administrator & NYR35 informed me, "I think you will find this pretty cool" he said.

I immediately went out and purchased a copy after several attempts where I had found it unavailable.

Eventually I did get the issue and turned to the page referenced and there found a one third of a page advertisement  by VISA for Fan Nation Throwdowns.

The cool part, had a copy of the leaderboard from the throwdown page with my name, Baun-ded=PUCKHED prominately displayed in the ad!

INDEED, I did think this was pretty 'cool', and found myself discussing Fan Nation, PUCKHEADS, ZINGERS & of course PUCKBUNNIES  enthusiastically with anyone that would listen while waving around my SI issue.

Later on, I got to reflecting about it a little more cerebrally.

My experiences on Fan Nation, which initially started with the occasional post on NHL Truth & Rumors, a couple of blogs, to moving on to trying my first TD, featuring Bobby Hull, naturally, which garnered a total of 10 votes throwing out names like Hull & Orr. 

I lost my inaugural TD 6-4. The guy who accepted my TD was a non-avatared fellow who was deleted for duplicate accounts shortly afterwards. That was back in March 2007.

However, all was not lost as my arguments attracted the attention of an interesting Member named Bigalke with his Alfred E Neuman of MAD fame avartar.

Much later, I convinced him to change to a real photo of his current self for reasons of some future recognition with an aspiring writing career he pines for some day & richly deserves. In retrospect though, it was Bigalke who encouraged me to stay on board and continue to TD. I did and had some success in doing so.

The one thing that really troubled me about that TD however, was the lack of interest in anything NHL on the Throwdown page.

I immediately went about creating TD's and improving my TD titles after a substancial whipping for one that was mis-worded and cost me badly. Eventually the NHL TDs were getting more exposure and popularity getting 30 to 40 votes and many more comments.

Soon more NHL fans got on board and found a place to argue NHL TDs and even found & founded some great blogs of groups such as PUCKHEADS & its public affiliate, PUCKBUNNIES.

I also actively "suggested" to some members that a 'generic flag' avatar was not something a real hockey fan should have and even bannished a few to Mary's Igloo.

 There they were to remain until they rectified the matter. Gladly many listened and actually made it back to become excellent friends on here and many, quite active.

Today, I have had over 45,000 profile hits, thousands of views of the few blogs I have written & make that 128 select friends which I limit & have turned down 10 times that number as well as a pretty decent TD record.

Has FanNation NHL evolved? If it has, I'd like to think I was somhow instrumental in some way as I spent a great deal of effort and time trying to assist in that regard. 

I think on the one hand it has yet on the other, I am having some problems with what seemed to be heading in a positive direction just before all the changes to this site took place & we had a mass exodus of some great members.

A recent TD with a fellow PUCKHEAD has convinced me that far too many "idiots" have invaded our site & it seems in greater numbers then ever. This is further supported by Robert#1 recent PUCKHEAD blog calling out 'Ryanbraun4mvp' & what to do about him within PUCKHEADS.

This is well intended but I feel not what PUCKHEADS is about. This group was intended to have integrity and show leadership on the Fan Nation site. We were not created to extact a "GANG MENTALITY' on other members, no matter how deserving it may be.   I fear the other Members will soon equate PUCKHEADS as an ELITE group of Bullies and arrogant hockey fans that will do our group no good what so ever.

It may have already done so in some respects.

The recent Advertisement in the Nationally distributed SI will tell us that you never know what audience we will attract or be exposed to either by design or fate.

I felt so proud of that ad and seeing our PUCKHEADS group displayed that to see a comment in a TD that "the puckhead gets gutted like a pig with votes" was very deflating since the final arguments were not even completed, while at the same time, have one of our own members continue to misinterpet & voice his continuous blather at me. 

All I want is a fun site, to spend some time, promote the NHL across the U.S boarder & and have a degree of self respect for my own efforts & writings. I don't really know what the answer is to stop the idiots who invade our TD's early with their trash talk, duplicate accounts and spoil what could have been some fun for 2 members and others. Clearly some of you may have noticed my disdain for these types. But I think its just as bad, perhaps worse, that we allow them to occupy our focus and give them AIRTIME they do not deserve. Especially when we are politely asked not to.

Well many of us banter with each other in comments, there are many on this site that do not know we are kidding around and mis-interpet our comments & therefore draw completely different conclusions and effect results of our own TD's. One never knows where the printed word or thown stone will end up. Myself included!

    I think it was more fun watching this site evolve and build.

Perhaps my time has come to move on.


(I hope the pictures I posted show up here. It's the first time I've tried it. If not, perhaps Yoda can lend his ever helpful expertise.)


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