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     Well the UFC has a new heavyweight champ in Brock Lesnar. He delivered a pretty impressive performance in the main event of UFC 91 against a living legend, Randy Couture. Looking back at the fight I really think Randy could have used a tune-up fight. Hindsight is always 20-20 though. Scary thing about Lesnar is that if he continues to get better he is going to hard for anyone to beat. He keeps improving by leaps and bounds between fights and that is the scary thing. The kid that got submitted by Frank Mir is far in the current version's rear view mirror. Even the one that fought Heath Herring is just barely in site of this current version. If his progress improves as much between this fight and the fight with the Big Nog/Mig winner we could be looking that the undisputed UFC heavy weight champion of the world. The kid will be good for the company too, and I shun to say this but because of his time spent as a professional wrestler. He will know how to get out there and promote himself for any pay per view that he is appearing in.

      Lesnar had seemed to me to be very arrogant and cocky after his Herring victory. He was talking crap during his interview with Rogan. That could have been a direct result of Herrings prefight comments about Lesnar not belonging in the Octagon with him. He handled this victory much better. Couture was classy as usual in his post fight interview talking about the size of Brock's fists calling them "big hamhocks". The size and power difference was obvious going into this fight. Brock's striking ability was still in question in my mind. Well he answered those questions pretty loudly. He is getting more and more comfortable with his standup game, and there probably isn't going to be a more accomplished wrestler than Couture he will ever face. I think Brock from UFC 91 would have destroyed Frank Mir, though let the record state I think Brock would have destroyed Mir anyway if not for the punch to the back of the head.

     He better keep training and improving though because his next opponent in my mind is going to be Big Nog barring something crazy. Nogueira is arguably the second best heavyweight in the world behind The Last Emporer Fedor. He are some questions though. If Brock dominates Nog like he did Couture does anyone think that Dana White would be ballsy enough to try and make the match with Fedor that he would not make for Randy? I know this is way premature to even be thinking about that as I think Brock is no where near ready for Fedor. Fedor though never finished Nog in any of their fights. So what if Lesnar does finish him, will Dana make it happen? I don't think he would want Lesnar in that kind of match personally, but White has repeatedly said that Fedor isn't the best heavy in the world and that he wouldn't be nearly as good in the UFC. While I would like to have some of what he is on when making those comments, I would like to see the match happen if and only if Lesnar can dominate Nog. Anyone else have an opinion on this please respond with logical and intelligent opinion's.


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