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Good Morning, Good Friends

I want to go on record here in FN in support of some of the PT members, both current and former. With all the alters and avatar swapping sometimes we can get confused about just who is talking and who isn't. Without that sense of familiarity we can end up taking comments much too seriously... and at times not noticing just how mean some are as well. I know I have a hell of a time guessing who is parodying who more often than not.

For what ever reason, when two folks have their differences as far as I'm concerned the problem is theirs. KP, Pimpy and Homey... three amigos for a long time, have had their differences lately. I hope they can work it out and rekindle their friendship... but that is between them. I can't control how other members respond... but I can respond in my own way because the bad feelings indirectly affect me

I consider Homey, Pimpy, Bens, Se7en, RSB, becca, MDM, lcs, BC, GR. JFKJR and the rest of the folks here on FN that I have met over the last year good friends and quality people. Regardless of what group they belong to. I've been the butt of some of their jokes but haven't felt the sense of ugliness that I get when I'm confronted with the general all-purpose attacks from the truly nasty trolls. It's that quality that is the indication I use when trying to get a sense of who is making fun of my feeble mind.

Unthinkable as it is, even I have been nasty and will admit to over-reacting to a members comments at times. When Urnze, a member that I had honestly never recalled meeting before, took to grading one of my blogs I took execption to the words and manner of his comments more personally than I should. Mostly because **** at it and was defensive against what I saw as unneccesary and overly critical remarks. Especially by some guy I never even knew. I considered him a troll. In retrospect I was wrong.

But he could have been more upbeat in his remarks as well. Had we both handled the situation better we might be as good friends as I am with the rest of the folks in here. But I got nasty and he responded as anyone would have to my insults. With every right to do so. But honestly, I don't know Urnze at all. And thats the point. This is a virtual world. We reAlly don't each other at all.

Homey, KP, Pimpy and the rest seem to think he's a good guy. I have to respect their opinion and figure maybe I was more wrong dealing with our issues than I should have been. He seems like a bright guy and someone who could be a good friend and teach me a thing or two when it comes to improving my drivel. Maybe not make them shorter, but better.

Yesterday after I left the PT group there was an exchange between two members that was unpleasant. It was implied that once a known member dropped off, a troll that was insulting to Lady appeared. After a while the troll disappeared and The Jesus was back. Lady took to making remarks that insinuated, without foundation, that it was Homey behind the troll alter.

Homey was offended and to tell the truth, So was I. Homey has never been the kind of person to do that stuff unless it is in reponse to nasty remarks that were offered first.  All of the folks I know here aren't that way. Its why I like them.

Other comments were also made to KP by Lady that suggested FERRELL, a good friend to her, was enjoying and taking part in a recent TD aimed at PT in which KP was parodied. I read most of the comments on the TD and, aside from being hurt that I wasn't mentioned as much as I deserved since **** the most, I saw nothing from FERREL that would suggest any kind of animosity or demeaning behavior. She was laughing at some genuinely funny jokes.

To suggest to KP that FERRELL was acting that way was wrong and only served to exacerbate a volatile situation. Remarks like those only drive the wedge deeper and are uncalled for. Squealing to other members and repeating comments is one sure way to prevent the healing this group of friends sorely needs.

This has nothing to do with keeping PT afloat. I could care less about PT... its just a title we meet under. This has to do with keeping the lines open bewteen friends in the hope they can reconcile. PT is second to that friendship as far as I'm concerned.

Homey and RSB directed some angry and completely legitimate charges at Lady and they were well said. I like Lady Love and consider her my friend as well. I have defended her in the past when I felt it was appropriate. But in this case she was wrong to say what she did. I hope she will take their remarks to heart and think about them seriously.

I don't like to lose friends but if I'm going to remain true to my beliefs with the rest of my friends I have to stand up along side of them when they are targeted unfairly as well. I don't qiit on friends but if one chooses to walk away then there is little I can do. The only side I try to take is the right one.

As a Cannata I can't afford to lose any friends as it is... since I don't have all that many to begin with.

Is there any of us who are so flush with friends that they can afford the loss?

I like everybody! 


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