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DC Sports Nut: Nats, AGAIN??

     When I first signed on to FanNation 13 months ago, I didn't know anybody on here. Little by little, I started to find people with the same interests as know, teams and such.

     About a month into it, one person in particular took the time to extend an invite to a little group of his called "Babes, Beer and Sports". From his user name--Thugmeister--I have to admit I was a bit cautious about what I must've stepped into.

     My fear was unfounded, to say the least. From his writings (not to mention the hot chicks he showcased), I could tell this was a well-thought-out individual. As I began to leave comments to his blogs, we began to develop a friendship here.

     That cyber-friendship saved me from a potential lawsuit as well.

     What you know now as FN Magazine is the end result of a dream I had of taking our work...all of us FNers...and putting it in print form. That's when Thug reminded me when we clicked on the "Terms of Use" button, we signed away all rights to "our" work. CNN Digital and co-overseers of FanNation--control what we write.

     As I said before, I consider Thug to be a friend. Which makes this blog I'm writing all the more sad.

     What CNN Digital/ began back in the late spring, and which culminated on September 10th in the overhaul of FN (much to the consternation of the overwhelming majority of us), has led many of the "old hands" who populated FN before I came onboard...Anthony E., for leave FN.

     It has cost us one MORE casualty.

     Thugmeister has called it quits, for now. I just finished reading his "farewell" blog for this group, stating just why he's leaving--and WHO'S to blame for it. It lies squarely at the feet of CNN Digital/, and with good reason.

     I missed the "Share It" button, just like Thug. It gave everyone a chance to find our blog(s), if we wished to alert our friends or groups. BRING IT BACK!!!

     I miss the old "Community" page, just like Thug. At least I could see the blogs written over a 6-hour period, so I'd know where to go to read (and comment on) something that interested me. BRING IT BACK!!!

     More importantly, I miss the old FanNation itself. (Especially at the top of the page, where we could see OUR avatars next to our name[s] along with everything else.) There any chance we can have THAT back any time soon??

     But let me get back to Thugmeister for a moment.

     His vow is (and I agree wholeheartedly) to not come back until this place is put back to where it was PRIOR to the "massacre" of September 10th. If somebody hasn't written an obituary for this toilet bowl of a site, Thug's blog today just MIGHT qualify as one.

     This group (FN Grandpas), the BB&S group, and just about any other blog Thug has written have kept me sane on here. To know now, that a voice has been stilled because of the pursuit of the almighty dollar by Time Warner...THIS does not sit well with me!!!

     How long this sabbatical will be, is something only Thug knows. But, I'll hold out a hope (albeit slim) this could be a month. The reality is, I know it's going to be LONGER than that.

     So the ball is now in Time Warner's court. Put this damned site BACK to where we had it before September 10th, or run the risk of other well-respected voices here leaving. Meantime, here's to you, Thug...and take these words to heart:

"...but you cannot break the spirit (of a Winchester). My voice shall be heard, and I shall be delivered from this festering sewer!!!"


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