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Keys to Cowboys' Victory  


The Cowboys' key for tomorrows game against the 49ers is to play up to their level and not play down to the 49ers level like the Cowboys did against the Bengals.  The intensity and intelligence level has to be the same against the 49ers as it was for the Redskins.  The Cowboys need to understand that when a struggling team comes to Texas Stadium that they need to put team down early and not allow them to comeback or play a close game.  Plain and simple the other team cannot get any confidence what so ever.  This is what the Cowboys should focus on instead of injuries and who is getting the ball.


The Cowboys are in a rivalry game just like last week and they need to play with the same intensity.  Every game that is left in the schedule is like a playoff so the Cowboys must play each play like if it is their last or they can watch the playoffs in HD. 

Mistake Free:

Tony Romo brought a spark to the Cowboys that was missing while he was on nursing his pinkie.  However, he did throw 2 ints that stopped scoring drives.  Luckily for us, the defenders weren't allowed to make much of a runback so the Redskins didn't get the ball with good field position.  I have said it before that Romo can throw for three-hundred yards with ease and the only thing that he needs to do is to reduce the turnovers.  If he does this than the Cowboys will blow out the 49ers.  The Cowboys as a team need to reduce penalties that are as a result of lack of concentration and laziness.  Back in the early 80s, the Raiders notoriously led the league in penalties, but each penalty that they committed mattered.    Penalties were part of the Raiders' game plan to intimidate their opponents, unlike the Cowboys.  Most penalties that are committed are because players weren't in position to execute a block, cover, or tackle.  This is why they are called lazy penalties.  Pre-snap penalties are due to a lack of concentration/discipline.


Defensively, against the Redskins, I finally saw the play-calling remain aggressive on 3rd downs.  The Cowboys have been a great 2nd down team and until last week they weren't to good on 3rd down when it matters most.  The defense was relentless against Campbell.  Towards the end of the game I couldn't read his number because the back of his jersey had turn green.  The Cowboys got 3 sacks and had about 13 knockdowns and this will take notice as the game progresses into the 4th quarter.

Offensively, Garrett finally took what the defense was giving the Cowboys and gave the Redskins a heavy dosage of Barber.  During the divisional playoff against the Giants, Garrett took away the game from Barber.  Before the half was over Barber had already run for over hundred yards and for some reason he stopped feeding the ball to Barber.  I did not see the Giants go to 8 in the box with cover 3 to stop the run.  Against the Redskins, Garrett recognized the hot hand and stayed with it for the remainder of the game until we kneeled the ball for the victory.  The offense is like Zampese's and Turner's and he finally took a page out of their book by keeping to plays that are working like the toss sweeps the Cowboys kept on running throughout the game.  For example, during SB XXIII against the Bills, Turner gave the Bills a heavy dose of Emmitt because Aikman wasn't playing as good due to a concussion he had suffered in the NFC championship game against the 49ers due to having only 1 week between games.  Back then the NFL was alternating each year with 2 weeks and 1 week between championship games and the SB.  If Garrett continues this trend then he can be annointed as a genius and probably the Cowboys next head coach.  This why Phillips father, the legendary "Bum Phillips" recommended that they run the toss more.  I have the feeling that the Cowboys will begin the game by running between tackles, then comeback to the toss sweep.  Sticking to the running game will allow Romo to heal the "finger" and to open things up for the receivers.

Special teams:

Just play like head hunters. 


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