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Someday you think that the folks over at NCAA would figure out that a playoff is needed and helpful to football.  There is no legitimate way (barring upsets) for the Big 12 South winner to be figured out. Heaven forbid Alabama lose to Auburn then beats Florida or a similar situation.  Then you could have OU lose then Texas Tech go to Big 12 title game. Utah has beaten TCU and BYU by 24 points. Plus they beat Michigan on road and OREGON STATE. Try that on USC.  But alas no shot at a title.

Lets look at a few past controversies. In 2000. OU won it all but remember that FSU team that was in BCS title game. They had one loss -- but so did Miami. And Miami beat FSU that year.

Auburn undefeated but did not go primarily due to a weaker strength of schedule (this was when SOS was an actual direct aspect of formula an not indirectly via the computers like it is today). No real way to seperate out.

Nebraska went although did not win their conference (or attend the Title game).

Heck even OSU title (yes they did win it once) tarnished a bit by fact their schedule was such that they did not have to play BCS Iowa who had just 1 loss and undefeated in Big 10. Sad.

------------------------------------BITCHING ASIDE-----------------------------------------------

Okay but here are reasons the NCAA and some pundits have given--

a) School - these kids have enough to do and playoffs would only take them away from studies more. Huh? they don't seem to mind the month of March Madness. How about Div I-AA, Div 2 or 3. Don't those kids matter they have playoffs. And sadly this is so important that they now have expanded the title game to a full week after Jan 1st. Why $$$$$. Why have bowls on New Years Day when can spread them out over a whole week.

b) The kids again -- but this time it is just too hard on their bodies. Okay but where was this argument when schedules went from 11 games, to 12, then to 13 for teams with conference championships. And this is before their bowl game.

c) The bowl system itself -- it is just so great and playoffs would just diminish it. Huh? How many bowls have come and gone. How many more have low attendance. This isn't about this at all. It is $$ conferences get from bowls and the swag players get for attending.  Heck one can even create playoff regions where games would be played in some bowls and rotate the championship game. No one watches (unless a pool or gambling) the early-mid December bowls as is. So who cares if still don't watch but have a playoff going in December.

---------------------------My Suggestion---------------------------------------------------

Yes, I know this is not perfect. Ideally I would like 16 teams just like Div I-AA. But reality seems to say this will never happen. So this is what I would prupose. Yes I realize there could be improvements.

a) 8 teams -- again this is only based on this is the largest # I think they would ever allow

b) Conference Championships -- gone. Unless there is major retooling so all conferences had one. Either all need one or none.

c) No automatic births -- Just think pitt of a few years ago or cincinnatti this year. Or even Oregon state. Instead the top 8 BCS teams go. Regardless of conference affiliation. I don't freaking care who the bowls want. They don't pick an at large team where take fan base and $ over a team's resume.

d) Setup - Start season back in August when routinely do the one kickoff game hype. Have everyone start then. If did this you would be done by end of November. Start mid December. 4 games (8 teams) then 2 games (4 teams) in last weekend of December, then there would be the title game in 1st week of January. Wow same time as now.

     i. Seeding -- 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7... you get the picture

     ii. Home/Away -- If utilize bowls it is regional with each university receiving set tickets and then another portion to general public. If this is voted down then do a home/away playoff like I-AA. Then homefield goes according to seed with one caveat. If the teams have same record. You coin flip to determine. Why you ask -- I don't want the headache we see like with OU, Texas, and Texas Tech.

I know this is unlikely. I know that with a more open minded NCAA we could have a larger field. But hey I just wanted to discuss it.




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