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Well guys, I've been away from the computer for a while because of football, drivers Ed, girls, school, and the pursuit happiness in any form possible, but now that it's finally thanksgiving break and all my friends are out of town, I'm finally gonna get some quality time with you idiots. So buckle up and grab both O-crap handles because this is gonna be a BUMPY ride.

 Wow!!! Can anyone tell me what has happened to my tigers? Exactly a year ago my tiger were almost the unanimous Number 1 team in the nation in the AP and Coaches poll, now we're sitting outside of the top 25 for the first time since God knows when, 3-4 in SEC play, barely beating Sun Belt team with losses to the University of Louisiana Monore, and have lost 3 strait SEC games in Death Valley. What has happened? I understand that we're young and going through growing pains much like Florida did last season, but honestly, does that make LSU losing to Ole Miss acceptable. The last time I checked, LSU has access to recruits that Ole Miss doesn't, they have more money than Ole Miss, they have more talent than Ole Miss, for God's sake they even have homefield advantage over Ole Miss. How do they drop this game? As I said in the first version of Angry Blogging, I don't see the fight in these guys that I saw in them last season. It just seems to me like they are bunch of guys who want to be given everything.




I cannot stress that enough to you!!! In SEC football guys who come into the league and expect to be given what everybody else earns end up like Bobby Patrino. In SEC football you need a few things to be successful....

  1. Speed at every single position
  2. Power and explosion from your line
  3. A Strength coach that is a little bit insane
  4. A QB that can run and has an arm
  5. A defensive coordinator that isn't scared to blitz
  6. Dirty, old fashion players
  7. Be able to win with homefield advantage
  8. Turnovers held to a minimum
  9. Don't let special teams hurt you
  10. Have player that will take control of your team when things get tight

Unless you have all of those, you won't win or even contend for an SEC championship, and by my count LSU has 4 of those 10. Most of the 6 they are missing can be fixed by the head guy. Now don't get me wrong I'm not throwing Coach Miles under the bus yet, because he hasn't had a chance to fix anything yet. Before I start ripping coach, I'm gonna give him an off-season to right the ship, if he still stays with the system that buried us in this hole and produced these soft players and we have another 4 loss season when we are in the top 5 and 10 in recruiting year in and year out, then I'm really about to grill him.

After all the hell that LSU as put me through this season, I've actually managed to take something away that can count as a positive. I've learned to appreciate winning. Much like the Alabama fans of the past few years I've finally tasted what it is like to have a actual bad season. LSU fans have been spoiled over the past few years to the point where 2-loss seasons were a tragedy in the eyes of the everyday fans. This season has made me appreciate winning in a new way.

I'm more of a new Tiger fan because I became old enough to really grasp sports around the time Saban turned things around, so I never really saw the 2-win seasons of the 1990's. I would always talk to the older tiger fans like CenLATiger and my Dad and it would just blow my mind how optimistic they always were about losses. But now that I've tasted greater losses than football games and have seen my tigers have what would still be accepted as a great season for most programs, I've learned to savor the good times and don't sweat the bad. Some call that being a fair weather fan, I call that not letting a game control your life.

Well guys I bid you farwell until the next addition of Angry Blogging, which more than Likely will come after the LSU-Arkansas game.


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