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There are so many athletes today that just don't seem to care how their actions affect others around them.  Some are criminal acts, others are just stupid enough to embarrass the player and their organization, still others affect families and destroy fan loyality.  I'll just report a few and you can decide.

Michael Vick: Pleaded guilty yesterday to state charges in Virginia, under a plea deal, to one count of promoting dogfighting and not guilty to one count that involved cruelty to animals.  He was given a 3 year suspended sentence.  He is scheduled to be released in Jul 2009, but will now be eligible to request early release to a half way house.  Many feel he will get back to the NFL.  He must first be re-intated by commissioner Goodell.  This could be a PR nightmare, will any team take a chance? You Decide!!!

Adam "pacman" Jones: His escapades are fully documented.  Although he has not been convicted of anything, his actions have caused pain for those around him.  Recently re-instated to the NFL, commissioner Goodell says, that the next mis-step will be a lifetime ban.  Some feel he has become a distraction to his team.  Will he turn his life around and do the right things this time? You Decide!!!

Alex Rodriguez: Nothing surprizes me anymore.  A-Rod was recently in Miami, supposedly to spend Thanksgiving with his 2 children, Natasha 4, and Ella 1.  His soon to be ex-wife Cynthia, wrote an e-mail to a confidant: "My 6'3" 220 pound soul-less, soon-to-be ex-husband is abandoning his kids on Thanksgiving to be with Madonna...she called and he ran on her command back to NYC...Gross!" He will be hosting a dinner at his Manhattan apt, for Madonna and her 3 kids and her manager.  Is A-Rod in love...or just a big Jerk? You Decide!!!

Roger Clemens: Everyone knows about the steroids in MLB.  Roger Clemens continues to go forward with a law suit against Brian McNamee.  McNamee gave the FBI a DNA sample in Aug, to bolster his accusations.  His attorney's were also asked for samples to rule them out as the source of any tissue on the needles.  Despite the testimony of McNamee and Andy Pettite, under oath and after Clemens threw his own wife under the bus, he still believes he was defamed.  He was recently asked to end his involvement with the charity golf tournament he has hosted fo 4 years.  What will be the outcome, will the law suit go forward or will the judge dismiss the case? You Decide!!!

Matt Light/Channing Crowder: I do understand that emotions run high in the NFL, but players have to keep that emotion in check.  Both Light (Patriots) and Crowder (Dolphins) were ejected and have been fined $15T each.  They both avoided suspensions, which is good for both teams.  Both player were interviewed by the NFL as were the officials.  They determined that Crowder verbally instigated the  confrontation. My biggest problem, besides the stupidity, was how both player seemed amused by the situation, smiling and eliciting cheers from the fans as they left the field.  Seems like the fine was lenient compared to other incidents.  Randy Moss was fined $20T for saying some calls were "iffy" in a recent game.  Was the fine approrpiate or too much or too little?  You Decide!!!

I'm sure there are more stories, but is is enough to get started.  Feel free to comment, just keep it clean.... 




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