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Ok. (this is also posted in the NMI)

Let me get one thing out in the open.

NMI as it was intended is dead- the ideas put forth for NMI are since the revamp of the site, mass exodus of people, infustion of the T&Rs, combined with Stowe's abdication and Number 2 Porkins discovering the value meal at Taco Bell, as well as my own wishes to be Warrick rather than Kind Henry IV.

Not anyones fault (other than Frank) just the way things are. This is not an indictment of Robert or anyone else.

NMI is simply an exclusive group, same as BVOF, SIFS and LODT

And I'm fine with that.

Here is what my thoughts are.

We recently have a "war" with the BVOF. I think it's a great thing with one issue.

Lets face it- The NMI has the Bulk of the power- no offense to any one- but given a 5 spot of Me, Porkins, Ram, D-Fan and Yoda- and we could lap the field of Fannation.

This is not a dig on ANY Tder- simply a statement of fact- If you had a 3 man team of Porkins, Ram and D-Fan same situation. Sorry If I step on your toes- but being top 5% of Fanntion does not mean you are top FIVE on Fannation.

Now looking over the Rosters (excel is wonderful) 4 of the 5 are on both listings- meaning if BVOF recruits better than they win most contests as well if they get the proper members

Bottom line

NMI has 50 Members (Half are in BVOF)

BVOF has 56 members (26 are in NMI)

What I propose is this.

Split the groups

Have the people in BOTH groups Drop 1. (or have a draft)

People in 1 group but not the other- stay in that group.

That gives BVOF 30 members and NMI 25

I think the purpose of BOTH groups should be to show FN what TDs are about- and competition between the groups could do that.

Part of the Problem we have now is that the "power Tders" are going to be forced to pick sides every month- and GOOD Tders like Gu3, Dyhard Etc will either never be asked or forced to pull an upset every month

and If I beat on GU3 every month, how long is he going to play? I'm not picking on him- If I had to face Porkins monthly- I'd get tired of losing to him. Going on Previous work- beating D-Fan once every 7 months is going to get a little boring for me.

We can use the FNC to push both groups and Tournament Throwdowns to host the "war" Tds


I will be posting the SAME blog on the BVOF group- I propose that if 51% is in agreement- in BOTH groups- then we move forward.

please FANMAIL me your OFFICIAL Vote- below is simply for discussion and if you wish to make your vote public.

I will close the voting Dec 5th

I think we change the purpose of BOTH groups to make TDs BETTER this way.


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