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I was recently talking to a local Yankee fan here in Milwaukee and I found the arguments of why Sabathia should go to New York very weak.  And these are the same arguments everyone is bringing up...

New York offered 40 million more
New York wins every season
New York is a bigger market
New York has a new park
New York has a history

Are those really the best arguments they can come up?  Because almost everyone of those points can be refuted fairly easily.

First I am going to talk money.  C.C. Sabathia was offered a 5 year 100 million dollar contract by the Milwaukee Brewers.  On the other side he was offered a 6 year 140 million dollar contract by the Yankees.
Breaking it down a little more C.C. will make 23.3 million a year with the Yankees.  And 20 million a year with the Brewers.  Not a whole lot of dicrepency between the two right there.

Now I will really break down the money situation for C.C.

According to Sperlings, the 100 million dollar contract offered to Sabathia by Milwaukee is in the long run going to make more money for him.  Again according to Sperlings the for New York to match the 100 million dollar contract from Milwaukee they should have offered, $197,039,599.

Now you may ask why would that number be so high...isnt 100 million dollars worth the same everywhere?  Not really.  Lets put this into perspective, New York's cost of living is nearly double that of Milwaukee.  Their housing costs are an astonishing 307% higher than Milwaukee's.
Sperling put every major cost category on a scale.  They read...

Cost of Living Indexes Milwaukee and New York
Overall: 83 - 165
Food: 100 - 142
Housing: 50 - 203
Utilities: 125 - 165
Transportation: 104 - 120
Health: 97 - 182
Miscellaneous: - 97 136
100=national average

Basically, Sabathia is losing money by accepting the 140 million contract from the Yankees.  Because as we found out, the cost of living in New York far exceeds Milwaukee.

And for those of you who dont get what I am saying, let me put this in basic terms. 

Factoring in cost of food in New York compared to Milwaukee...as well as housing utilities...

100 Million in Milwaukee = 200 million in New York.

So why would Sabathia accept the New York offer?

Next on the list...winning.  I previously broke down why I dont think New York will be a contendor for years to come, but if you would like to look again...http://www.fannation.com/blogs/post/285776-why-sabathia-wont-sign-with-the-yankees

New York the bigger market...well there really isnt any argument there when you compare it to Milwaukee.  But San Fran, and LA have almost equal markets plus their population growth is a little higher than NY's.

And for the last two points...a new park and more history.

Well, their new ballpark does look sweet, but I have to say, if you are going to sign with a team just for that I lose all respect for that player.  Plus Milwaukee's stadium is maybe 6 years old now, and still has some of the best facilities in the Major Leagues.

History I have no quarrel with.  New York has every right to say the have history...but again, if you go to a team because of there history...wow...you're an idiot.


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