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   While I'm gorging on the holiday buffet tomorrow at my sister's house, my 4 1/2-year-old niece will inevitably want to pop in one of her DVDs. (She's into unfamiliar territory for me, having already torn through the collected digital works of Winnie the Pooh, Barney the Dinosaur and Thomas the Tank Engine. It involves a mouse that's into ballet, if I remember correctly.)
   Given the "bounty" the NFL has rendered unto us tomorrow, there won't be much argument. Might be time to revive the traditional after-dinner high-low-jack game the adult males staged behind closed doors in the den during childhood Thanksgivings at my uncle's house in the wilds of South County (I'd love that house as an adult - near a pond, and only a few short minutes away from the corner of Narragansett Bay and the Atlantic Ocean).
   Really, is there any reason to get excited about Titans-Lions or Cowboys-Seahawks?
   In Detroit, we don't even have the drama of an undefeated team anymore. And having just lost Sunday, Tennessee won't be overconfident. In Dallas, Tony Romo's back and the Cowboy offense hums again. As far as Seattle, the only thing that would make this game worth watching might be Matt Hasselbeck's loudmouthed sister-in-law taking on either Rosie O'Donnell or Joy Behar in the United Way Halftime Show Hell in a Cell.
   Even the evening game, Cardinals-Eagles, has lost some of its luster with Philly's nosedive. But I'll arise from my tryptophan coma in time to entertain y'all as I live-blog it on (and I promise it will be more entertaining than the yotch-slapping Texas will be dealing Texas A&M at the same time).
   Besides, I need to bank some brownie points for Christmas. Celts-Lakers - if I have to glue the DVD tray shut..
   On to the picks. Last week: 15-5. Season: 154-85-1. Confidence pool number in parentheses.
   TITANS 34, LIONS 20 (14): The cubbies will entertain us for a half or so before reality sets in. They're actually led by double digits in three of their last four games, but given their schedule the rest of the way, I don't see a win.
   COWBOYS 41, SEAHAWKS 6 (16): If we have to send a jobber team to Dallas, why couldn't it be one with cool throwback jerseys?
   CARDINALS 31, EAGLES 22 (10): No Western team has won in the Eastern time zone this season, but Andy Reid is such a Dead Man Walking he takes his pregame constitutional stroll with the Undertaker and Kane.
   PATRIOTS 30, STEELERS 20 (9): Although Matt Cassel is playing like the Second Coming (of Christ or Brady), I throw in a little caution. The Men of Steel play better on the road than at home.
   GIANTS 23, REDSKINS 21 (4): I keep thinking the Giants are due for a fall against a good team. I thought so at Arizona, however,
   PANTHERS 27, PACKERS 20 (8): Really, how do you bet on a team that just finished giving up 51 points?
   BUCCANEERS 27, SAINTS 25 (13): Or how do you bet against a team that just scored 51? I invoke the old Monday Night Road Rule.
   COLTS 27, BROWNS 12 (12): Adam Vinatieri's fourth-quarter heroics get a rest.
   DOLPHINS 28, RAMS 14 (6): Channing Crowder, either reconsider the dreds or keep your helmet glued on the next time you want to brawl.
   BILLS 31, 49ers 13 (11): The men of Russert City could've used some of last week's 54 points during that four-game losing streak.
   JETS 37, BRONCOS 15 (15): The Jets beat the man (deh, sorry, Tennessee). They now are the man. Whoooooooooo!
   RAVENS 20, BENGALS 14 (5): Why do I have a nagging feeling Cincy wins once more before researching NCAA blue chippers?
   CHARGERS 21, FALCONS 17 (3): Upset special. San Diego's too good a team to use this many close ones.
   RAIDERS 26, CHIEFS 24 (2): JaMarcus Russell is the 21st-century Bob Griese (for being able to win throwing only 11 passes, that is).
   VIKINGS 20, BEARS 19 (7): The Purple seize control of the Black and Blue Division.
   JAGUARS 17, TEXANS 13 (1): If only ESPN could flex a Monday night game.
   And in college (all state rivalries!):
   GEORGIA TECH 23, GEORGIA 20: Tech's performed better in tough games.
   FLORIDA 47, FLORIDA STATE 33: Let the hype for the SEC title game roll on.
   SOUTH CAROLINA 21, CLEMSON 16: The Gamecocks take the rubber match on ACC-SEC challenge day.
   OKLAHOMA 45, OKLAHOMA STATE 27: T. Boone Pickens will have to buy his Cowboys a better defense.


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