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As I'm writing this, I'm watching a lethargic, beat-up Texas Tech team being beat down by a 4-7 Baylor team.


And I'm loving it.


Why? Don't I want the craziness of the three-way tie? The answer to that is duh. I'd love to see a three-way tie in the Big XII South, see the BCS haters come out in full force when Texas gets passed (wrongly) by Oklahoma and Oklahoma plays the SEC Champion in the BCS Championship Game. 


However, it just wouldn't be satisfying. 


Texas beat Oklahoma. I don't care what each team did to Texas Tech, (And in about an hour, it might not even matter) that makes Texas the better team. The subjectivity of the AP Poll and the USA Today poll are going to screw Texas because Oklahoma got hot at the right time. Anyone else think that's wrong? Anyone else think it's wrong to completely ignore the fact that Texas started out a three game winning streak over top 11 opponents by beating NUMBER 1 Oklahoma? On a neutral field? That Oklahoma hasn't had a stretch that was nearly that hard, and that even though they've put up 58+ in each of their last four games, it was against Kansas State, Nebraska, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech? Texas has plain and simple had a tougher schedule in the Big XII.


When Texas played Texas Tech, they were coming off that three game, three top 11 team stretch. They lost on the LAST PLAY. In Lubbock. When Oklahoma played Texas Tech, they were coming off of a three game stretch where they played K-State, Nebraska, and Texas A&M. Combined record? 17-19. Tell me which is going to be harder to play a team. Coming off three tough games, capping it off with a road game, or coming off three cake games, playing TT at home?


None of that might even matter. Texas Tech is losing to Baylor, which would eliminate the three-way tie and give Texas the South Title by way of beating Oklahoma head-to-head. May not be as interesting, but it sure as hell gets the job done.


The whole situation that we're seeing now in the Big XII brings up an even bigger problem in college football as a whole. Pollsters.


Jason Whitlock brought up a great point about the qualifications of pollsters in a recent article on ( which didn't necessarily deal with BCS conferences, but the stupidity of some of the voters, notably Chris Fowler. If you're dropping Ball State out of your top 25, why should we listen to who you have in the top 5? Hell, he probably still has Texas Tech in the top 5 over USC.


We ask for parity in every sport we watch, why don't we ask for parity OFF the field as well? Why is it that we get our rankings from computers AND humans? Eliminate one or the other. Get rid of the computers. They don't watch the game. They'll reward blowouts. But wait, then you run into the bias of humans. You get the bias towards the team that's hot now rather than the team that's been hot the entire year. And that's why polls are entirely meaningless, especially with the conference championship games.


I heard Mack Brown talking about this earlier this afternoon, and he brought up a great point. The polls are completely meaningless when teams aren't playing the same amount of games. The Big Ten doesn't have a conference championship, neither does the Pac-10 or the Big East. What significance does that have? If we get upsets galore this week and in the conference championships, I'm talking OSU beats Oklahoma, Florida loses to Florida State, Auburn beats Alabama, TT loses to Baylor, Mizzou beats Texas, you have USC, Utah, and Penn State waiting in the wings to go to the National Championship. Why? They don't have a conference championship, so no matter what these other teams do, they aren't going to drop more than 1 spot, but they can move up all the way to the top without playing a single game. 


Universalize ONE system in college football. Either force all conferences to have a championship game or eliminate them altogether. In the Big XII this year, it's an unnecessary gamble. The conventional wisdom is that any of the three teams in the South could beat Mizzou by 70, but what happens when Chase Daniel and Jeremy Maclin go crazy and beat Oklahoma by 10? Texas goes to the National Championship, Texas Tech still doesn't go to the BCS.


The system's broke, and a playoff isn't necessarily the fix. It's going to be no better than the BCS. Say you take the six BCS conference champions and then two wild cards. How do you determine the wild cards? BCS Rankings? You're going to get into an even bigger mess. It'll be exactly like the BCS, perfect some years, controversy others.


Bottom line here is that Texas is going to be wronged by the voters, and Mizzou will be the only one that can change that, at Texas Tech's expense.




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