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it started off with the clippers geting 2 points from zach randolph. then miami got the ball to mario chalmers who blazed the clipers D with a 3 ball. then miami converted on a missed marcus camby layup dwyane wade  ripped the clippers  for a 2. things looked bad early but the clippers held the heat and themselves scoreless for about 1 minute. then shawn marion made 2 free throws but  zack randolph got some help scoring getting assisted by al thorton and marcus camby in his first 2 shots. wade wouldnt let that happen though scoring again and getting 11 of his 26 points in the first quarter. looking good udonis haslem  made 2 free throws. the score was 10-4 miami on top and looking good randolph[regret this now knicks] had another made floater giving himself 6 poitns and that was all the teams points prior to a baron[waste of money] davis who hit the jumper. determined not to let them get back in it the heat added  onto their lead with haslem getting 2 more pitns from free throws. marcus camby hit a turnaround bankshot with some help from a randolph pass. camby got fouled on the  play and hit the an 1. camby gave the ball to al thorton on the next shot and thorton hit it drawing the foul on chalmers. this would be chalmers 1st of 2 more fouls to come.  wade had a reverse dunk on one play then an assist to haslem on the next. wade gave it again to haslem for 2 then eric gordon hit a 3 on the next possession wade gave it again to haslem for the 2. thorton scored 6 0f the next 8 for la which got the game tied at 19-19.wade hit a 2 then a 3 and gordon got 2 more to make it  27-26 LA. randolph hit a 2 and daequan cook hit a 2 to finish the quarter off with the score Clippers  29   Miami 28.


cook opened off the second with a chalmers assist for 2 and michael beasley hitting a 2. but barron davis made 2 free throws but miami got the lead 32  to  30. chalmers got another assist and beasley scored 2 more times. mike taylor saw his first action of the night result in a made about 12 footer sinking his first atempt. yakhouba diawara made a 2  giving him 2. the clippers relentless in their quest for victory found mike taylor open and he hit a 3. davis would also get an open jump shot but this one only for 2. beasley catching the hot hand hit a 3. davis made a shot then beasley with beasley grabbing his own rebound. miami hit back to back 3's with chris quin n hitting a 3 then beasley hitting a 3. marcus camby made a 2. then mike taylor made a 3 he would have 6 for the night. beasley got 4 more poitns and then wade scored but not before marcus camby and zach randolph got 4 for la. thorton swcord and so did camby again but miami took the lead 56-54.


15 lame halftime minutes later the  second half began. a minute and a half went buy without a bucket before  marcus camby got it going. mario chalmers opened it up for miami who  controled their lead. then al thorton hit a  jumper getting hte pass from baron davis who already had 6 assists. a minute and a half later without a score[deja vu]  randolph scored then wade had a monsterous dunk. randolph scored again then  chalmers hit a 3 and haslem hit a 2. randolph got a jumper off before a shot clock violation. thorton hit the freebies and chalmers hit another 3. thorton had a dunk and baron davis scored. the clippers d looked good holding miami scoreless for 2 minutes and 26 seconds. wade snapped that with a dunk and  cook got of a shot for 2. taylor hit 2 free throws to end the quarter with the  heat leading 73-68.


guess who's back, back again the clippers d's back tell  quinn. sorry but that was fun. back to reality.  randolph was fouled and hit his free throws[who knew he could do that] then beasley shot a 3 giving him 20 and wade dunked the ball for  21 points on the night for himself. thorton had 2 free throw shtos made and then he got a put-back dunk. beasley made another shot as did thorton getting fouled again. haslem scored adnd  so did davis who hit his free throws. davis and wade would combine in the game for 16 assists but  beasley was the real show he would score again but the heat plauged by foul trouble foulded marcus camby who hit hsi free throws. still in it though the heat would  get a haslem make. baron davis only had 15 points in the game but he  had 2 steals and 9 assists. the clippers D held the heat scoreless for  over 4 minutes and 30 seconds. in that streak the clippers scored 13 points led by zach randolph who had 8 in the run. marion broke it with  a 3 point play and amazingly the heat were still in it down by only 4. then  baron davis actually scored again getting 4 unanwered points. wade answered then and scored 7 pints in  1 minute 8 seconds. the clippers called a timeout and  wade stole the ball  7 seconds left  wade shoots a 3 with 1 second left but it doesnt fall and the clippers prevail 97-96


                below are the following stats for each team


MIAMI HEATSTARTERSMINFGM-A3PM-AFTM-AOREBDREBREBASTSTLBLKTOPFPTSShawn Marion, SF331-60-13-3369301505Udonis Haslem, C427-150-04-43361031518Joel Anthony, C200-10-00-0033102030Dwyane Wade, SG4012-212-70-215611314326Mario Chalmers, PG374-93-70-00555200311BENCHMINFGM-A3PM-AFTM-AOREBDREBREBASTSTLBLKTOPFPTSMichael Beasley, PF2710-163-41-11451004424Daequan Cook, SG213-111-40-0000300017Jamaal Magloire, C40-00-00-0101000000Yakhouba Diawara, SF71-30-20-1000000012Chris Quinn, PG111-41-20-0022100033Mark Blount, CDNP COACH'S DECISIONMarcus Banks, PGDNP COACH'S DECISIONTOTALS FGM-A3PM-AFTM-AOREBDREBREBASTSTLBLKTOPFPTS 39-8610-278-11928372657142396 45.3%37.0%72.7%Team TO (pts off): 14 (15) LOS ANGELES CLIPPERSSTARTERSMINFGM-A3PM-AFTM-AOREBDREBREBASTSTLBLKTOPFPTSAl Thornton, SF448-140-011-144483312227Zach Randolph, PF4111-201-24-567133002327Marcus Camby, F344-90-04-5210123141212Eric Gordon, SG302-71-20-1011210245Baron Davis, PG436-211-72-60559204215BENCHMINFGM-A3PM-AFTM-AOREBDREBREBASTSTLBLKTOPFPTSPaul Davis, C112-30-01-2224000005Mike Taylor, PG232-61-21-2000200226Brian Skinner, PF40-20-00-0011001010Steve Novak, SF40-00-00-0000000000Mardy Collins, PG60-00-00-0011000010Jason Hart, PGDNP COACH'S DECISIONDeAndre Jordan, CDNP COACH'S DECISIONTOTALS FGM-A3PM-AFTM-AOREBDREBREBASTSTLBLKTOPFPTS 35-824-1323-351431452276131797 42.7%30.8%65.7%Team TO (pts off): 13 (10)































































































































































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