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CJM- Final Chance

 Dear BVOF Members,

 As of all of you heard, that I will be taking an absence for covering my high school basketball team this year for the school newspaper. I would miss all of my great members of the BVOF and you have been great members.

Now we are currently losing the NMI/BVOF clash and we can still win, starting with Dyhard and finsh it off with DetroitFanBS*, in this clash our members that representing us, Dyhard, DetroitFanBS*, CCC, Bigalke (BVOF WORLD CHAMPION vs. NMI champion David match). NMI chooses a topic for match #2 and starts the TD, Dyhard will resprent us in the second match. Third match is Champion vs. Champion, Bigalke vs. David. Bigalke gets to choose a topic and starts the TD. Fourth is CCC vs. NMI reprentative. CCC gets to pick the topic. And last match is Porkins vs. DetroitFanBS. So we don know which match is Yoda or Ram is in yet. Yoda or Ram could be in second match. Anyway, I have my faith in my members and win this showdown with NMI, Make us proud: Dyhard, Bigalke, CCC, DetroitFanBS*.

Now for the rest of the matches, please have them done by friday 12/5/08. We are not doing Tag team champship until new year revolution and Dyhard is still the United States Champion because of my absence.

Now for the blogging, Yoda did miss the deadline, but I will let him slide. So, it is Bigalke vs. Yoda. They both finish their blogs. All the votes goes to Dyhard. The voting starts now and it ends on Wed. Dyhard will make a blog on the results. Thanks Dyhard.

Speaking of Dyhard, He is the new BVOF Commissioner until I return. Dyhard has been appointed by me. I have send him everything he needs to know. Dyhard, make me proud. I hope you know what to do. You got great leadership and great loyalty to this group. Dyhard also promise to keep this group updated. Thanks Dyhard.

New Year revolution is our biggest day of the year. Dyhard will make the matches this month including all champships will be defended. Once dyhard makes the matches, he will send to Yoda, so Yoda can make the blog. Yoda is BVOF reporter. Once Yoda's New Year revoultion blog is up, you will know if you are in a match. I will be able to return one week before the New Year revolution, to check the blog too. and I  will explain the tag team thing and new tourney that I will create for New year revolution. Than after New Year Revolution. I will leave again and return to Febuary to lead this group again.

On top of this, I am proud of all my BVOF members. And I will try to come to FN once a while now. Dyhard, This group is your for now.

Thank you.



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