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Hello and welcome the fifth edition of FanNation NFL GameDay. This will be a weekly feature in which LP, Pitt Panther, a guest, and I Agrippa, answer questions and have discussions about the NFL, and make predictions about the coming week's games.


Our guest this week is none other than the Throwndown Pimp NCshvDavid

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Let's get it started...


Thoughts on Plaxico Burress ?


Agrippa : I remember watching a Steelers games and Burress catching a first down , get up an spike the ball. The funny thing, he was never touched and the spike was ruled a fumble and went to the other team. I thought to myself "this dude has to be one of the biggest idiots ever!". Come to find out he will only prove that thought right down the line.
    The Giants fined and suspended Burress for four games after he accidentally shot himself in a late night altercation in a Manhattan night club.He has been placed on the IR list which end his season.
     Burress, who posted $100,000 bail on Monday is being charged on two counts of second-degree criminal possession of a weapon, which could result in a prison sentence of 3 1/2 to 15 years, if convicted. How can someone be so stupid?!



David: Here is the problem with Plexiglas, he is looking at this as a joke- he knows that he is wealthy beyond his dreams- and he knows that there will be 10 teams bidding to make him richer- what Burress did is NOTHING compared to what some of his fellow players have walked away from.

and the NFL is looking to stop that- but bottom line is that he is not going to spend one week in a REAL prison- he is going to spend any time in jail its going to be a nice one with the white collar criminals, not in Rikers.

That would wipe the smile off his face- 6 months in Rikers.

But thats not the issue, bottom line is another rich moron got in trouble, and he is still going to be richer next year, and there is some people out there who think he is now cooler than he was last week at this time. 


LP: Plaxico Burress is one of the most watched players by the NFL. He has such a bad record, that they should've suspended him already. But now that he shot himself, I don't think they have to worry about him anymore. Now they just have to crack down on all of the other criminals in the league, and suspend them. And I will add one thing... Adam "Pacman" Jones should never play in the NFL again. He should've never been reinstated.


Coach in the hottest seat? 


LP: The Coach in the hottest seat right now has to be Romeo Crennel. Cleveland lost their last 2 games and only scored 12 points in those 2 games combined. Their overall record this year is 4-8, and they are 3rd in the AFC North. They have to play the Titans and Eagles in their next 2 games, and it looks like they could be heading for a 4-game losing streak.  



David: Coach on the Hot Seat is Norv Turner- I mean we all know Romeo and a few others are gone- But Norv makes Marty ShotinHimer look like Vince Lombardi- LDT has been wasted and yes there is some injuries- but in that division the Chargers should be able to walk away with it. Rivers is the ONLY player that looks better under Norv than under Marty, and Gates and Chambers have done next to nothing compared with past performance.


Agrippa: I have to agree with your pick David. This Chargers team is in disarray and I think its about that time they count their losses and admit Norv is not the man to get it done in San Diego.


Moving on....

Prediction records:

Pitt: 54-19, 74%
Agrippa:54-19, 74%
LP: 42-31-, 58%
Guests: 39-20 69%


OAK @ SD - Who wins?

David :I'll take Oakland this week, simply because I think that the team actually are playing for thier Jobs- and I think San Deigo has given up on this team.

Pitt : I'm taking Oakland in the upset. Oakland has a good pass defense and San Diego is relying heavily on their passing attack. I think they stifle Philip Rivers and scoe enough points to win.

LP : I'm taking the Chargers here. Oakland just does not have it this year, and the Chargers need a good game.

Agrippa :Bolts take this one in impressive fashion. 4-8? With the talent this team has is an absolute travesty!!

JAC @ CHI - Who wins?

David : Chi-town, simply because Jack Del Rio is either going to kill this team to make them better- and they don;t have the Line to hold back the Blitz

Pitt : Neither of these teams are great, but Chicago is better and at home. Bears win.

LP : I'm taking the Jaguars on the upset. Chicago hasn't looked good lately, and they will struggle this week.

Agrippa : I like the Bears in this game. The Jags aren't doing anything on offense and lost last week to the Texans.

CLE @ TEN- Who wins?

David :Tenn is going to roll this team, everyone is saying that the Jets or Pitt is the team to beat in the AFC- and the ONE loss shows that Tenn might as well be 6-6 right now- I bet the newspaper articles on the Titans Board are 4 inches thick right now

Pitt : Titans. That's it.

LP : Titans. They only have 1 loss, and they are facing the Browns.

Agrippa :Titans win. Cleavland has no QB, Tennesse still possess one of the best run and defenses attacks in the NFL.

PHI @ NYG - Who wins?

David :Sorry I'm auto picking the Giants until the NFL title game, for some reason Tommy Boy has this team wrapped up and is daily being a better coach than I gave him credit for (and that goes back to his BC days) Philly is a good story, and if the spread is more than 6 I'll bet on the iggles, But straight up? I got the Giants

Pitt : I'm taking the Giants to win. *sobbing*

LP : The Giants can win without their best WR, Plaxico Burress. I'm taking the Giants over the Eagles.

Agrippa :Great call last week from Pitt but NY is too much for McNabb to take on alone. Who knows if Westbrook will come to play. With the Giants great defense and the Eagles inconsistent run game,Giants get the nod.

MIN @ DET- Who wins?

David :I'll take the Lions, I have said they will win this game for 5 weeks- and I'm gonna shuddup, so If I'm wrong- I can hide this- but I'f i'm right, I can edit this later.

Pitt : Minnesota. That's it.

LP : I would love to take Detroit here, but I can't pick a defeated team to win. I just have to go with the odds.

Agrippa :Minny is playing some great ball right now and AP has remained a healthy beast with 13k rush yards on the season thus far. I feel for the Lions 32nd ranked rush defense in this one!

HOU @ GB- Who wins?

David :Green Bay- Houston had its shot, and the Pack is playing for Pride- plus 8-8 might STILL win the Div

Pitt : I'm taking the Texans to pull it out on the road. I think Steve Slaton will have a huge day and lead Houston to victory.

LP : I've got the Packers. They could've easily beat the Panthers last week, but they didn't execute. They will beat the Texans this week.

Agrippa :Packers in another tough "who cares game". I'm a Texans fan and wanted to go with the homer pick but GB's at home, so they get the nod.

ATL @ NO- Who wins?

David :I'm gonna take the ATL here- they still think playoffs can happen, but the Saints just had three players gone

Pitt : I think the Saints pull of a tight win at home. Brees should light up the Falcons secondary.

LP : I will take the Saints in this one. Atlanta has looked pretty good, but so have the Saints.

Agrippa :Falcons.This one was tough. Balanced team versus the top offense in the leauge? I like Atlanta's 8th ranked defense when it comes to points given up. They are solid when it counts and the Saints cant stop anyone much less Turner and company.

CIN @ IND - Who wins?

David :INdy, Cincy on its BEST DAY can;t compete, this is going to be a game where the Colts work on the running game- and Peyton plays some pitch and catch to get into shape

Pitt : Colts. That's it.

LP : Colts. They are looking good, and they are up against the Bengals this week.

Agrippa :Colts! My preseason team to win it all and I'm sticking to it! They are on a 5 game winning streak and playing some stellar defense. Once the run game is online, this is the team we saw last year!

MIA @ BUF - Who wins?

David :One of the better games on the day- I'll take Miami- Buffalo is in a Free Fall, and not even the snow is going to help

Pitt : For Buffalo to win, they need a big performance out of Trent Edwards. I don't think they get it. Dolphins win.

LP : A fight in the AFC East, I'm taking the Dolphins. The Bills haven't looked good since the beginning of the season, and the Dolphins have surprised.

Agrippa :Bills. They have been burning me all season when I take a chance on them but this week they will not disappoint. Their defense is solid and Miami barley squeaked out a win last week. This is my upset game!

NE @ SEA - Who wins?

David :3 months ago and this is must watch TV- and possible Super Bowl matchup- now its between a team that is looking at the 3rd pick in the draft and a team that is playing for pride and a wildcard loss- give me the team that has a coach for next year.

Pitt : Pats win big. I expect huge days from Matt Cassel and Wes Welker.

LP : Seattle and Mike Holmgren have been on a down year, and it's not looking any better. I've got the Pats over Seahawks.

Agrippa :Im picking Seahawks to lose more so than I'm picking the Patriots to win. I don't think the Pats could stumble enough to lose to the lowly Hawks. Look for them to bounce back off a tough loss to Pitt

KC @ DEN- Who wins?
David : Denver, at the end of the game Cutler claims he built this city and jefferson starship will be his offensive line vs the Raiders

Pitt : This should be a close high scoring game, but ultimately, Peyton Hills will be the difference and the Broncos win.

LP : Denver upset Favre and the Jets last week, and they are playing good. I've got them over the Chiefs.

Agrippa :Denver was great against the Jets and this team with a run game taking pressure of the pass can score more than anyone head to head. Easy pick Denver!

NYJ @ SF- Who wins?

David :Did I mention I picked the BRONCOS to beat the Jets last week? San Fran wins this - oh wait I was looking at the 88 schedule Jets win THIS year

Pitt : Jets win big. I expect a big day from Brett Favre and the Jets D to shut down Frank Gore.

LP : NYJ got upset by Denver last week, but they will redeem themselves this week against the 49ers.

Agrippa : Jets!!! As soon as I jump on the bandwagon they throw me right of. Ill wait till it passes San Fran of course. Favre should break out of his slump against SF's 28th ranked pass defense

STL @ ARI- Who wins?

David :Warner gets peter kings MVP vote back by throwing for 890 yards and 11 Tds

Pitt : I'm taking the Cards here. They will obliterate the Rams' defense.

LP : A battle in the NFC West between the Cardinals and Rams. Arizona beat the Rams in Week 9, and they will do it again.

Agrippa :I like the Cards in this game. They are on a two game losing streak and face the 2-10 Rams who are 22nd against the pass. MVP candidate Kurt Warner should have a good day.

DAL @ PIT- Who wins?

David :Talk about what might have been- Ben is beat up but so is ROmo- both QBs should wear a dress for this one- I'll take the Steelers only because they are at home.

Pitt : I'm taking the Cowboys here. I think they'll be able to get enough pressure on Big Ben to force him into turnovers.

LP : Pittsburgh is playing great football, and they will beat Dallas this week.

Agrippa :Steelers win. This was tough but the Steelers defense is playing phenomenal. They are 1st in every major category defensive category and the Cowboys have had a tumultuous season. I foresee more whining from TO in the near future

WAS @ BAL- Who wins?

David :The Ravens- and Flacco is still the Best rookie QB the past HOW many years? Sad Ryan came out the same year.

Pitt : I think the Ravens edge out the Redskins. Clinton Portis isn't fully healthy and the Ravens have a great run defense. Jason campbell can't do it on his own.

LP : This Sunday Night game should be a good one... Redskins vs Ravens. I'm taking the Redskins on the upset.

Agrippa : Ravens win! Defense is a theme this week for my picks and I think they get it done at home. 2nd ranked D versus an offense that needs to run to be effective. Portis struggles against superior Defenses and this trend continues.

TB @ CAR- Who wins?

David : there are TWO teams that can beat the Giants in the NFC- and the winner here gets to play them in the Championship game- Give me Carolina- total number of passes 20.

Pitt : I'm taking the Panthers, simply because they're at home.

LP : Carolina beat the Packers and Tampa Bay beat the Saints. This will be a good MNF game... I'm taking the Panthers to win.

Agrippa : Monday night Foosball! This was tough. Carolina seems to be turning it on when I dont pick them but Im still bitter so Bucks it is. Plus Tampa's Defense it playing with tenacity. Dunn and Garcia are playing consistently average which is more than I can say for Delhomme and his 2 TD toss in 3 games.


Last week's upset alerts:

Pitt: Falcons over Chargers; Falcons won.

Agrippa: Carolina over Packer: Carolina won.

LP: Carolina and Tampa: Packers and Tampa won.

Gruden: Lions over Titans; Titans won.


Who should be on upset alert?


Pitt : Oakland over San Diego. I was right the last time I picked them to upset the Broncos...

David : Det over Minny

Agrippa : Buffalo over Miami. They are a week removed from scoring 54 and have a great running attack plus 2 "go to" receivers for the Fins are out this game.


Last week's players to watch:

Agrippa: Bret Favre: 23/43 247 yards ,0 TD's ,1 INT.

Pitt: DeAngelo Williams: 21 att , 74 yards , 4 TD's

LP: Tony Romo: 24/34 331 yards , 3 TD's 1 INT

Gruden: Terrell Owens : 5 catches , 1 TD


Who is your player to watch? 


LP: My Player to watch is Kurt Warner. He goes up against the St. Louis Rams who have a 22nd ranked pass defense. Watch for him to throw for 300+ yards like he did in Week 9.

 Pitt: Peyton Hills. He's really looked good since he stepped in as the starter. I think he'll have a HUGE week against KC's terrible run defense.

Agrippa: Adrian Peterson. Going to have a field day against the Lions and their horrid defense!

 David: Eli Manning- this whole team is based off him and his personality - and the eagles are going to be looking to keep SOME chance of the playoffs alive- Its up to ELI to keep the Giants at Number 1 in the BCS.


Last week's players to disappoint:

LP : Eli Manning : 21/34, 305 yards , 1 TD , 1 INT

Pitt: Drew Brees : 25/47 , 296 , 2TD , 3 INT

Agrippa: Matt Cassel : 19/39 169 yards , 2 INT

Gruden: Clinton Portis : 11 carries , 22 yards , 0 TD's


Who is your player to disappoint?


Agrippa : So many choices but Ill go out on the limb with my Cowboys loss prediction and say Romo will have a bad day. All the scrambling in the world will not help against Steelers stellar D

David : TO- Romo is still coming back, Pitt has a VERY good secondary and he hasn;t done much this year.

LP : My Player to disappoint is Marion Barber. He goes up against the Steelers 1st ranked run defense. Barber only has three 100-yard games this year, but he won't be getting a 4th this week.

Pitt : Donovan McNabb. Although he was great last week, I think he goes back to being the McNabb that was benched in favor of Kevin Kolb against a tough Giants defense.


and thats our show FANNATION. 


      Cristy says "GREAT SHOW GUYS!"




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