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First of all, I will take this opportunity to congratulate the Steelers, especially their fans who are members of fannation.  The better team won because they are the most discipline team.  No "what ifs" because the what ifs are what make one team better over the other.  Even though I am die hard Cowboys fans, I've always been very fond of the Steelers fan base who are "blue collar".  The "blue collar worker" is the backbone of our country, so again congratulations.


Both teams played lights out defense!  Great effort by both squads.  For my Cowboys, Bradie James has become one hell of an inside middle linebacker beside DeMarcus Ware.  Like I stated on my pre-game blog that the front seven were going to have to Rothlisberger before he got to the secondary and he finally did with that long pass just before the 3rd quarter and I thought that this is where the momentum shifted to the Steelers.  The goalline stance was awesome.  Besides penalties, the 1 area that the defense needs to improve is defending the bunch formation that I knew the Steelers were going to utilize because the Cowboys have not been able to stop the switching routes that teams execute out of this formation.  Overall great job against the run and and another week of at least 5 sacks.  You would think that with this effort that the Cowboys were the winning team.  They were great considering that for the most part they had to defend a small field becuase of Romo's interceptions and a punt return.


The Steelers won because they had the better quarterback who didn't throw an interception even with the pressure that the Cowboys brought to the house.  Needless to say Romo wasn't paying attention from the sidelines to how Rothlisberger plays the game.  Romo had 3 interceptions and 1 fumble that shouldn't have been, but it was.  If the Cowboys would have pull out the victory it would not have been because of Romo, but inspite of him.  I think that he has won 1 big game and that's when he replaced Bledsoe against the Panthers.  Romo did have a couple of great moments during the game, but he never really had any rhythm and that is due to the pressure that the Steelers provided.  The ball floated out or Romo's hand more than when he had the splint on and he and the receivers were out of sync as well.  One game and that is all it takes for him to become a big game quarterback and sometimes that game never comes and the player gets lost into a group of quarterbacks that become backups.  On the bright side, the 3rd string running back Choice did a great job of filling in for Barber and seems like he will continue to do so.  The offense line did a decent job keeping penalties to a minimum considering that the 12th man did make some noise, but the fans really stepped it up in the last 7 minutes of the game.

Special teams

Nick Folk is clutch from anywhere within 53 yards, but he can't get the ball into the endzone for a touchback even when the wind is behind him.  The Cowboys need to do a better job of coaching Adam Jones because he is always trying to make something out of nothing which causes him to lose yards on his returns.  The Cowboys should just stick to Crayton because he is steady.  The Cowboys should pay attention to how the Steelers play on special teams because the last 3 kickoffs, the coverage team didn't allow the Cowboys to reach the twenty yard line. 


The starting point of any championship team is discpline and the Cowboys don't have it because of the cake and ice cream approach that Phillips brings to the team.  Discipline is about self-control that builds confidence to perform at your best when there is a lot of pressure and against a very tough opponent like the Steelers.  This was evident when the Cowboys had 12 man at the field, at the last 7 minutes in the game, and the penalties committed on 3rd down that allowed the Steeler's drives to continue.  The Steelers did not commit penalties, turnovers, and personnel mistakes because they are a better team.  They are a better team than the Cowboys because they are a more disciplined team.


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