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I'm just going to link you to some things I think could definately help your game, and some others that will improve the enjoyment of your play.  Feel free to provide your own below, and I'll add them to future updates of the post.

Poker Calculator.  A must have if you really want to improve your game.  And honestly, the easiest one (and free) is is Card Player Magazine:

Use a poker calculator to learn how two cards do against other cards, and also against a various number of other players.  The odds do change the more people that are in the hand. 

Poker Learning and Discussion.  Besides this blog of course.  I go to 2 + 2, one of the best poker sites on the planet.  They have all of the best books there.  And here's a little hint.  Determine which books you want, then go to and buy them used.  Sorry 2 + 2, but if I can save them a buy in, I'll do it.

And also at 2 + 2 you'll find the forums where you can discuss poker to your heart's content.

Amazon Poker Books

Do you need equipment?  Trust me, if you're going to play, you need your own equipment.  I have several friends that are willing to host games, but are completely unwilling to even buy a deck of cards.  This gets quite annoying.  Every serious poker player should have at least 1,000 chips of various colors or denominations, and at least two sets of plastic poker cards.  Sets, not Decks!  A set is two decks.  A good set can be $25 or so, but they last forever. 

One friend of mine buys the paper Bicycle cards in bulk at Sam's Club.  Sorry, but that just won't cut it with real players.  They wear out within minutes of starting.  So here are some links to some good deals in poker equipment.

For quality poker cards, I recommend:

For a great deal on poker chips, I recommend going to EBay and searching for poker chip sets.  You'll really get about the best deal there.  Expect to pay around $100 for a 1000 chip set in an aluminum case.  ($60 for the set, $40 for shipping.   They're heavy).

Ready to host your tournament?  You'll need a computer program to run it, if you want to look professional.  Sure, you can sit there with your oven timer dinging, or you can look cool and put this on a laptop.  Its called the Tournament Director, and I love it.  Email me, and I'll send you the blind schedule I use.  It works really well for most 2-3 table home games.

Need a table?  Sure you do!  Probably two of them.  There are plenty of places online with directions on how to built your own, like:

But if you aren't so inclined, then just buy them.  I got mine from Craig's List, and you should too.

 So what else ya got?  Where do you go for poker items, training, discussion, or anything else poker related?


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