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Got in my first throwdown this week. It's amazing how people who can't even make a logically reasoned argument actually win those things. I guess that's what happens when you give people the vote. I never thought my Blazers prediction would cause so much controversy. I like it.

Here are my thoughts for this week in sports, and other areas.

1. Evander Holyfield might get one of the title belts. I know he beat a 41-year-old Lou Savarese, but he knocked him down twice and it was more about Lou surviving than Evander not taking care of business. I'm not ready to say he can beat Klitschko, but I do think he can beat Oleg Maskaev, Ruslan Chagaev and Sultan Ibragimov.

2. Frank Thomas and Craig Biggion reaching 500 and 3000 on the same day was priceless. Both just punched their well-deserved tickets to Cooperstown.

3. The Chicago Bears have got some explaining to do. They were so quick to say how much Tank Johnson embarrassed them when they cut him last week. Now that his BAC was under the legal limit, they're not talking. Maybe that sound outside is not thunder, but Jerry Angelo kicking himself in his rear end. Personally, I would pay to see Lance Briggs kick him in his rear end.

4. If Yi Jianlian doesn't want to play for Milwaukee, send him back to China. It's bad enough we have American athletes who act like they're entitled, but this guy's from an absolutist regime halfway around the world. He ought to be used to the concept of not having a choice.

5. Gerald Wallace a Maverick? I like it, but for who? I doubt Charlotte wants Jason Terry, and I wouldn't give up Josh Howard.

6. No matter how many times I see it, it never ceases to amaze me. Baseball Team A comes offering a Number 1 starting pitcher and asks for a top prospect and, say, two lesser prospects. But not only does Team B reject the offer, but make it known that they won't trade top prospect for Number 1 starter straight up. That's either a lot of faith or a lot of stupidity. The latest is Mark Buehrle to the Dodgers for Matt Kemp. Apparently the Dodgers aren't interested. GIVE ME A FREAKIN' BREAK HERE. Unless you're convinced Kemp is the next Hank Aaron, TRADE HIM!!!!!!!!!

7. I still stand by what I said about the Portland Trail Blazers winning a title in three years. People don't realize this was a vastly improved team this year, and trading Randolph was addition by subtraction even if Frye wasn't part of the deal. I hear Francis may now be moved or let go, but see previous comment about addition by subtraction.

8. Bud Selig has no business vetoing trades in baseball. The Cubs had Jacque Jones going to Florida and Selig vetoed it for no apparent reason, and he won't say why. Gee, could it be because his beloved Brewers, in the same division, might be affected by it? When is his contract up again?

9. I love A-Rod's many nicknames. Pay-Rod, A-Fraud, Stray-Rod, et, al. Now all that's needed is an incriminating picture of him with another man. G-to-the-ay-Rod, anyone?

10. Pop a cork and ready the forks. The Yankees are out of it. Done. Down. Out. I hope they finish in the cellar.

My non-sports thoughts of the week.

1. Our so-called president just lost whatever credibility he had left by commuting a convicted felon from his own administration. At least Nixon had the decency to resign, unlike this bozo. And I'm a Republican. Truth is, we need a third political party, and not just for one election. Vote them all out and start over. Can't get any worse.

2. Can't wait for Transformers tomorrow. All of us who grew up on the original cartoon playing with the original toys (not that animist Japanimation crap), this has been a long time coming.

3. I'm throughly convinced that any single person who watches for than 6 episodes of Snapped will never marry. Some people in this world are just sick.

4. Who really cares about Paris Hilton? I mean really, who cares? Has it occurred to anyone that without the family name this chick is working minimum wage as a fry cook? Oh wait, check that. Fry cooks have to be able to read orders.

5. Looking forward to reading Frank Deford's book The Entitled. It's about a bunch of baseball players who are disconnected from the real world and spend too much time admiring their own greatness. And yes, it's a novel. I can see where some of us might be confused.


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