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Ok so here are what I have decided on for the point distribution for the bowl Pick'em:

1pt for picking the correct winning team

1pt for beating the point spread

1pt bonus for picking winning team if that team was the underdog.

What does this mean? It means the most you could get for picking the correct favored team is 2 points maximum, but if you pick the underdog team and they win you could end up with 3 points max. In games where the spread is even then the max is 1 point.

 To try and insure there will be no ties at the end you can pick exactly 1 game that will count for double points meaning if you pick the correct favored team and beat the spread you could get 4 points max for that game. If you pick an underdog team to win and you picked that as you double points game you could end up with 6 points max for that game.

Tie breakers. Good News BCS rank will have nothing to do with these tiebreakers unlike the Big 12. First tie breaker is the most correct winning teams. If the score is still tied then whoever picks the most under dogs to win and gets them correct will be the winner.


Bowl                                 Teams                                                 Favorite          

Eagle Bank Bowl               Wake Forrest vs. Navy                             Wake by 3

New Mexico Bowl              Colorado St. vs. Fresno St.                       Fresno by 3.5

St. Petersburg Bowl          Memphis vs. South Florida                       South Florida by 13.5

Las Vegas Bowl                BYU vs. Arizona                                        Arizona by 3.5

New Orleans Bowl            Southern Miss vs. Troy                            Troy by 4

Poinsetta Bowl                 Boise St. vs. TCU                                      TCU by 2

Hawaii Bowl                     Hawaii vs. Notre Dame                             Hawaii by 2

Motor City Bowl               Florida Atlantic vs. Central Mich.               Cent. Mich by 6.5

Meineke Bowl                  West Virginia vs. North Carolina               Even

Champs Sports Bowl       Wisconson vs. Florida State                      Florida State by 5

Emerald Bowl                   Miami vs. California                                  Cal by 6

Independence Bowl         Northern Ill. vs. Louisiana Tech                Norther Ill by 1.5

Papa Bowl      North Carolina St. vs. Rutgers                  Rutgers by 7

Alamo Bowl                     Missouri vs. Northwestern                        Mizzou by 13.5

Humanitarian Bowl         Maryland vs. Nevada                                 Nevada by 1

Holiday Bowl                   Oklahoma St. vs. Oregon                          Oklahoma St. by 3.5

Texas Bowl                     Rice vs. Western Michigan                         Even

Armed Forces Bowl         Houston vs. Air Force                                Houston by 3

Sun Bowl                        Oregon St vs. Pittsburn                             Oregon St by 3

Music City Bowl              Boston College vs. Vanderbilt                    BC by 4

Insight Bowl                   Kansas vs. Minnesota                               Kansas by 10

Chik-fil-a Bowl                LSU vs. Georgia Tech                                 Georgia Tech by 4

Outback Bowl                South Carolina vs. Iowa                             Iowa by 3

Gator Bowl                    Clemson vs. Nebraska                                Even

Capital One Bowl           Georgia vs. Michigan St                              UGA by 6

Rose Bowl                      Penn St. vs. Souther California                  USC by 10

Orangle Bowl                Virginia Tech vs. Cincinatti                           Cincy by 2

Cotton Bowl                  Mississippi vs. Texas Tech                          Texas Tech by 6

Liberty Bowl                  Kentucky vs. East Carolina                         East Carolina by 2

Sugar Bowl                    Utah vs. Alabama                                       Alabama by 10.5

International Bowl         Buffalo vs. Conneticut                                Conneticut by 4.5

Fiesta Bowl                    Ohio St. vs. Texas                                      Texas by 10

GMAC Bowl                     Tulsa vs. Ball St.                                        Even

BCS Championship         Florida Vs. Oklahoma                                Florida by 3



All picks will be made in the comments section of this blog I will do my best to update the scores daily and will send them out in group mail so check your groupmail. This is for all the marbles your chance to prove you are a self proclaimed college football expert and have bragging rights for the next year. Have fun.


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