Riffs of Reilly-MDPRIDE111 Musings

I only went in-depth for 1-7. 


1. Detroit Lions 0-16. Tim Tebow can ressolve the QB issue. Andre Smith or Michael Oher could be the OL they desperately need. My pick: Tebow. 10 years into the future: his style has been mastered by all other QB and his art becomes slow-hand. He will turn out to be another wasted pick by the Lions. Sorry Florida, he is just too good.

2. Bengals 1-14-1. With Carson Palmer back, they musn't need a QB, I would take Jeremy Maclin or Michael Crabtree here because Houshmanzadah and Johnson will most likely get the hell out. My pick: Michael Crabtree. 10 years in the future: He is all-pro WR for the Cowboys.

3. St. Louis Rams 2-14. They need a WR desperately. My pick: Jeremy Maclin. 10 years: One of the best return men ever, being put back there as an experiment.

4. Seattle Seahawks 3-13. One thing I have notice is their no name WR. But with Maclin and Crabtree gone, they trade back. So here is this team: Miami 10-6. They need a QB, get real, Chad Pennington? My pick: Sam Bradford. 10 years: he gets a solid core of WR and leads the Dolphins to multiple wild cards and 3 division titles.

5. Chiefs 3-13. The Chiefs are bad, very bad. I don't even know where to begin. My pick: Mark Herzlich, LB, Boston College. 10 years: Become a Bart Scott type player, as in he is very good but he barely gets the credit he deserves.

6. Oakland Raiders 3-13. They need a solid OL. My pick: Michael Oher. 10 years into the future: His story has been made into a movie as he starts getting into HOF consideration.

7. Cleveland Browns 5-11. Cleveland needs some things. But as I look at them, Quinn, Edwards, Winslow, Jackson, Thomas, they don't need a lot of things. But they do need a RB. My pick: Beanie Wells. 10 years: Good, not great.

8. Jaguars 5-11. My pick: Matthew Stafford.

9. 49ers 6-10. My pick: Brian Orakpo.

10. Packers 6-10. My pick: Knowshon Moreno.

11. Chargers 7-9. My pick: Kenny Britt.

12. Bills 7-9. My pick: Eric Berry.

13. Texans 7-9. My pick: Alphonso Smith.

14. Patriots 8-8. My pick: Javon Ringer.

15. Saints 8-8. My pick: James Laurinitas.

16. Chicago 9-7. My pick: Chase Daniel.

17. Washington 9-7. My pick: Victor Harris.

18. Eagles 9-6-1. My pick: Colt McCoy (I realize he said he was staying, but he might feel like he just wants to leave after what happened last week).

19. Seahawks 3-13 (got from trade). My pick: Darrius Heyward-Bey.

20. Falcons 10-6. My pick: Percy Harvin.

21. Jets 10-6. My pick: Graham Harrell.

22. Ravens 10-6. My pick: Andre Smith.

23. Minnisota 10-6. My pick: Malcom Jenkins.

24. Arizona 11-5. My pick: Ray Maunaluaga.

25. Cowboys 11-5. My pick: Vontae Davis.

26. Broncos 11-5. My pick: Shonn Greene.

27. Buccaneers 11-5. My pick: Dan LeFeuvor.

28. Colts 11-5. My pick: Aaron Curry.

29. Steelers 12-4. My pick: Alex Mack.

30. Panthers 12-4. My pick: Max Hall.

31. Titans 15-1. My pick: Austin Collie.

32. Giants 14-2. My pick: Jarrett Dillard.  


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