West Coast Rink Rants

Sometimes the sports gods just smile at you.

I arrived home last night after a 13 hour stint at the workplace and immediately switched the cable box to Versus. I found that the match-up for the evening was the Flyers and the Islanders. The 2nd period had just started, I go grab a Heineken and before I could remove the bottle cap I hear the play by play guy morph into Stu Nahan.

2 minutes home and we've got action!

I smash to the television in the same manner and glee that my 3 year old will display when he zooms to the Christmas tree at 5:00am on the 25th of this month.  There it is.... the two heavy's from each team having a go. Of course, it is one of our favorites, Riley Cote, clocking into work against the monster heavyweight Mitch Fritz. Now we've discussed Cote in previous posts and we know he is always good for an entertaining squab, but this is the first time, shamefully on my end, that Fritz has been mentioned.

For those of you unfamiliar with Fritz let's do a little bio.

Fritz towers at 6'8, 256 pounds and at the age of 28 he is a rookie. Up to this point in his career he has been a career minor leaguer, but with the resurrection of the enforcer role as a near necessity in the NHL, Fritz may just finish the season out with the big club. He knows the landscape of the NHL enforcer realm well and has done battle in the minors with a few serious bomb chuckers.

Here is his resume: Macintyre, Orr, Vandenbusche, McGratton, Janssen, Purinton, Bonvie, Parros, Sgroi and Gillies.

Impressive list there, but what  impressed me the most about Fritz was his first outing in a regular season game earlier this season.

He dropped them with Georges Laraque and WON!

Not too many guys can say they beat the Georges Laraque in their first, second or even third try, let alone in their first NHL regular season game. It was the first time I have saw the reigning heavyweight champ look rattled and dare I say it....... fearful. They will meet again and now that Laraque has scouted out the big man I think he will be less hesitant, but who knows?

I always think of Troy Crowder and Bob Probert when this kind of oddness peaks through the plexiglass. So here we go, a few scraps featuring Mitch Fritz.


Fritz vs Orr (AHL)

Fritz vs Laraque


Fritz vs Peters

Frizt vs Cote

So..... the writers block is a ghost today, I have some extra free time and one of  Big Chief Nelson's favorite fighter's knocked someone around last night.  I always liked Ian Lapperriere, even when he played for the nasty So-Cal degenerate Kings. He is always game for a go and has notched 144 fighting majors in his 14 year career. A lot of people have their opinions about Lappy, but I think he has been one of the better grinder, team character guys of this era.

 Laperriere vs Marchment

Laperriere vs Phaneuf

Laperriere vs Rypien

Laperriere vs Zeiler







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