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husky pride

i know yall think its early but i dont care.

we gonna start this off with the

Oklahoma City Thunder- i wish it was someone else but the Thunder will draft BlakeGriffin out of Oklahoma for a few reasons. they could have him line at center of pf  giving them needed depth.

Los Angeles Clippers- Hasheem Thabeet out of UCONN because if they draft him he would have a few years to mature and just imagine him at the 5 Chris Kaman at the 4 and Al Thorton at the 3.

Minnesota Timberwolves- i guess BJ Mullens OSUause who the heck knows whats going on in Kevin McHales mind.

Sacremento Kings- Stephen Curry davidson i  see him going here cause he will finally just leave for the nba and the Kings need him they have no pg i mean come on beno udriah.

Washington Wizards-Brandon Jennings-Roma the Wizards need to get this through there mind agent 00 is not the answer.

Memphis Grizzlies- Al Faraq Aminu out of Wake Forest. we all know an acc rookie of the year usally leaves early.

Milwaukee Bucks- even though they dont need him just like they didnt need the wastless joe alexander they will draft get Demar Derozan out of usc

Charlotte Bobcats- they must not want to get better and drafting Earl Clark out of Louisville shows it.

Golden State Warriors- Cole Aldrich out of Texas. they have no height after giving up al harrington. cole is a good rebounder who can provide a spark

Indiana Pacers- the pacers go with Gani Lawal out of georgia tech to give them a little bit of height and some cool players.

Detroit Pistons- I know it looks crazy but they will trade A.I and get a higher 1st round pick and also they are on the decline and they get Gerald Henderson to give them depth and athleticism and someone to be rodney stuckeys backcourt mate.

Toronto Raptors- Slip of the draft right here but Damion James out of texas because you and i both know the barginwhatsit is not working out.

Philadelphia 76ers- about right here and snatching jordon hill out of arizona to give them a good pf and then they can move elton brand to center.

Chicago Bulls- addresing their lack of height need they get chace budinger out of arizona.

New York Knicks- Patrick Millsout of saint marrys finially gives in to the pressure getting scooped up by the knicks who could use a stephon marburry replacement.

Phoenix Suns- Dajuan Summers- G-TOWN. without raja bell and borris diaw they could use a young guy to try to fix this old team.

New Jersey Nets- Erick Maynor out of vcu is finally ready for the big tiime.  even though they have so many guards there like john grudden their guard aholics.

Minnesota Timberwolves- Patrick Patterson Kentucky. he could provide a spark and this is a young team so he could fit in they are also under sized and he is a short pf.

Dallas Mavericks- Tyler Hansbrough- Unc gets more draft picks and tyler is an outstanding player who should really prosper in a not me oriented team system.

Oklahoma City Thunder- they should Darren Collison out of UCLA who really deserves better but we cant always get what he wants and okc needs some good work ethic players so he should be a good fit.

Atlanta Hawks- Ty lawson finally thinks he's good enough and atl is a perfect destination but i dont know if he will be getting double digits anymore.

New Orleans Hornets- Sam Young could be a good move to put in at sf  which is the hornets only glaring need but even that is not huge for this pitt star.

Sacremento Kings- James Johnson out of wake would be a good move for the rebuilding kings

Denver Nuggets- i like them getting jordan hill out of arizona he would make a good backup until he is ready to start.

Portland Trailblazers- Josh Heytfelt out of gonzaga is a nice pick because he is tall and he is a northwest guy. he should fit in a place where everyone is young.

Orlando Magic-  Dionte Christmas is a sneaker upper here just like jr giddens was last year. he is a 6-5 guy who could jjmp in at sg.

San Antonio Spurs- they again probally trade up for another spot and can go and get  Robert Vaden our of uab to help their depth some more. you dig.

Clevland Cavailers- why not they get  Conor Atchley out of who else texas.

Los Angeles Lakers- how about Curtis Jerrells  from baylor he could drop but the lakers seem interested in him and thats a plus.

Minnesota Timberwolves- Jeremy Pargo out of gonzaga shows he belongs by sacrificing points for success.



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