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This compares the opponents based on how they finished in their own conferences.  Conference #1 and #2 are preserved having been settled in the Conference Title game.  The rest are scaled based on the number of teams against the larger sized conference (ex - 3rd and 4th in the Big 10 is equated to a division 2nd, 3rd thru 6th in the Big East is equated to a division 2nd thru 5th).

Higher and even are in respect to how the teams finished in their conference.  The benchmark wins is ?? the number of wins where the conference teams are even plus the games where the conference teams are higher plus any game against a team outside the major 6.  This may result in a half game.  A good record against the benchmark shows your conference did well against the others, a bad record shows your conference did poorly.  This is not a prediction of the results but merely a measuring tool.

For a comparison, the higher team won 68.9% of the time in games between the major 6 from 2002 to 2007.  This included all games - I did not differentiate between regular season and bowls.

If you wonder why I make all games against conferences outside the major 6 a win in the benchmark comparison, you will find the reason blogged in the link below.  The exception might be Arizona vs. BYU, where BYU may be fielding the higher ranked recruiting classes (2004-2008).  I didn't check, but I don't think this holds true in the other games between the major 6 and other 5.

In Short - No. In Detail...

Benchmark W-L

ACC            5.5-4.5

Big East     5.5-0.5

Big 10        3-4

Big 12        4-3

PAC 10     3.5-1.5

SEC          3.5-4.5


Individual Bowl Games - Higher Team in Bold

BigEast #1 Cinci vs. ACC #1 VT     (even)

BigEast #2 Pitt vs. PAC10 #3 Oregon State

BigEast #3 WVU vs. ACC Div #3 N. Carolina

BigEast #4 Rutgers vs. ACC Div #6 NC State

BigEast #5 UConn vs. MAC #1 Buffalo

BigEast #6 USF vs. CUSA Div #2 Memphis

Big10 #1 PSU vs. PAC10 #1 USC     (even)

Big10 #2 tOSU vs. Big12 Div #3 Texas

Big10 #3 MSU vs. SEC Div #2 UGa     (even)

Big10 #4 NW vs. Big12 #2 Miss

Big10 #5 Iowa vs. SEC Div #4 S Car

Big10 #6 Wisc vs. ACC Div #2 Fl St

Big10 #7 Minn vs. Big12 Div #3 Kansas

ACC #2 BC vs. SEC Div #3 Vandy

ACC Div #2 Ga Tech vs. SEC Div #3 LSU

ACC Div #3 MD vs. WAC #3 Nevada

ACC Div #4 Clem vs. Big12 Div #2 Nebraska

ACC Div #4 Miami vs. PAC10 #4 Cal

ACC Div #5 WF vs. Navy

PAC10 #2 Oregon vs. Big12 Div #4 OSU

PAC10 #5 Arizona vs. MWC #3 BYU

Big12 #1 OU vs. SEC #1 FL     (even)

Big12 Div #2 TT vs. SEC Div #2 Ole Miss     (even)

SEC #2 Bama vs. MWC #1 Utah

SEC Div #6 Ky vs. CUSA #1 E. Car


Tie Breakers

1. Conf Record

2. Head to Head

3. Common Conference Opponents

4. Division Record

5. All common opponents

When a lower tie breaker resulted in any split in a 3+ way tie, 1 team was split and the teams evaluated again from the top.

Big East - Pitt had better record against common opponents than Rutgers and was placed higher, Pitt defeated WVU who defeated Rutgers.


Thanks for reading.  Good luck to your team(s).


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