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Nothing makes me happier than when someone says what I'm teaching helped.  I write and write and write here....and there's normally about 30 or so readers each day.  That's really not enough to justify the effort, but I don't really mind.  I use this blog as much for venting myself as I do for actually discussing poker.  So when I give advice, and someone makes some money....smiles all around.

I got that a few weeks ago from my son when he called for advice on cash games.  He'd been getting raised beyond reasonable pot odds constantly, and was folding good drawing hands.  My simple advice was two-fold:

1.  Preflop pot odds aren't the same as post-flop.  You only have two cards preflop, so you really don't know what the odds of your hand winning are.  You only know what the odds of your hand are compared to a big pair like Kings or Aces.  If the other guy has 2's, then you're a coin flip with 4-5 suited.  So don't get caught up in pot odds preflop.  Simply ask yourself

   ---  Could this guy be bluffing?

   ---  Do I have a reasonable drawing hand?

2.  Don't always let the other guy establish the pot odds.  If you don't like them for calling, but like your hand anyway....RAISE!  In other words...reset the pot odds in YOUR favor. 

And what were the results of that advice?  He calls me many nights during the week to tell me how many hundred he won that night.  I don't think he has had a losing week since.  Sure, some nights he loses some....everyone does.  Most nights he wins though. And his wins are always more than his losses, because we talked about limiting your losses by not chasing after lost money.

So then today I received this email from a loyal reader. 

"I must say that tidbit you gave on...if you're bluffing you have to bluff the river also...has paid dividends.  In the time since you said that (maybe about 2 weeks ago, I'm not sure) I have taken down at least a dozen pots and two times I was severely short stacked against the other players.  I never pushed all in, mostly a large continuation bet.  The only time I think I was called was the first time when I didn't place a large enough bet in relation to the pot size.  I realized it right away (and too late) and the guy chipped in and won.  If I would have put in twice what I did, I guarantee I would have won that pot also."

So with just one little adjustment to his game, this guy is now taking pots on hands that he used to lose money with. 

And with that one little email, and the call from my son, I'm going to keep on writing.  



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