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I thought I would try to express an opinion without getting vilified by the fanatics that seem to have taken over the threads on FN... if that's possible anymore. I have to say, for the last two months or so, FN has been as bad as I can recall since joining last year. Gangs of haters are trolling the threads more and more and making the site almost unsuitable for decent people to visit. There were enough haters on the site when I first joined. But the FN mods were responsive to our complaints about unruly or offensive behavior and would take action to resolve them.

The alternative to dealing with the unbalanced views of the hater gangs was to create a Friends Group. A safe haven where friends could meet in private and avoid having to deal with the constant and annoying intrusion of the haters. For the last year I was a member of one of the best groups that FN had to offer. We had about 50 members and the conversation was always entertaining and uplifting. I looked forward to logging on and starting the day with the rest of the group members.

One of the reasons I enjoyed my group so much was, regardless of whether the threads were interesting or not, at least I could look forward to talking with a bunch of people that were good sports and who could make chatting fun. The topic could be anything that we wanted and 2000 posts were not uncommon if it was a particulaily good one. Alas, that seems to no longer be true. I have a good group come to a bad end and can't help think about how silly things have become.

Like most groups, we occasionally had differences between the members but things always worked out  and we stayed on track. Then, in a fit of anger that I still feel was way overblown, some of the lead members... founding members...  had a major disagreement. Most of the critical members, those that made the group what it was, split from the group. What followed was a few weeks of adolescent behavior, most of which was funny in a juvenille way and some that was outright nasty. In the end the conduct between former friends had gotten as bad as that of the haters we encounter on the open threads.

My group has been largely depleted and most of those who were a great part of my day no longer seem to be around as much. It's a sad story all around as far as FN is concerned. I try to go out to the threads and occasionally have some fun... but it's not as much fun as it was when I joined. Each member seems to have a dozen different aliases and take to hiding behind them in order to make fun or... in some cases... make sport of others. The mods seem to be ignorant to it all and nowhere in sight for most of what goes on when it comes to insulting and offensive behavior by some members.

The act of turning every thread into a racial diatribe by some members has gotten to the point of insanity. Listening to some of the members defend defenseless behavior is positively scary and makes me doubt their mental stabilty. Acts such as Plaxico Burress' shooting himself in the leg like a total idiot are defended with racist arguments as though everyone thinks he's stupid just because he's a black man carrying a gun and we would all feel differently if he was right... How stupid can people be?

The threads have got to the point where people are just talking about the same rehashed drivel that the FN writers put out day after day. It seems the FN world is driven by stupid, redundant stories about guys like TO and Pacman. Haters seem to swarm around stories about idiots in the sports world and all things Dallas. Any attempt to get involved with a topic results in the ubiqutous and savage haters attacking in force and having insults heaped on you.

This whole site... not just my group... has been a lot less entertaining lately. It's has gotten to where, at my job, I am actually looking for work to do rather than log on and debate once again whether Pacman is some demented evil creature or if TO is going to stop doing whatever it is he does that gets so many people pisssed off. I enjoy talking sports and all... but a lot of the freaks on FN get seriously bent out of shape when you disagree with them. And getting them to stop is virtually impossible... any comments directed at them, no matter by how many people  and no matter how insulting, just seems to spur them on.

It's as though, regardless of how stupid they are... anyone can still be a sports genius. 

What was once a great site has quickly lost it's luster. My group provided a daily forum where I could go and chat with people that I liked... as much as you can like any person that you've never met and have no idea who they are in real life. Now I am left to once again cruise the threads and hope to find a spirited and entertaining conversation with good sports about good sports.

But that's getting harder everyday. Without the group to call home at the start of the day FanNation has become a wasteland with many days offering no reason to hang around and hope for a good day of fun and sports chatter. The threads aren't good enough to make you stay, and the idiot haters, who can't start a post without a personal insult, just drive the good people away.

But I'm going to try and find something fun to discuss. Maybe find some people who have command of the english language to the point where they can carry on a decent conversation... the way my group once did. But it won't be easy. I expect it to be another long and lonely day.

BTW... If anyone sees Santa... please tell him I'm sorry about all those nasty things I said about him and tell him I would like my group back for Christmas 

Have a good day if that is possible anymore on FN


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