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This TD between The Ram and rstowe is reproduced here since the Moderators of this site saw fit to delete it. 



Rstowe is wrong for being Anti-Semantic


The Ram (154-17-5) vs rstowe (272-75-19)



The Ram said 12/09, 01:51 PM

It was recently revealed that you are anti-semantic. So much so that you stated that:

"I hate when semantics get in my way...I'd run over a semantic if it was in my way "

This kind of bigotry is unacceptable in a enlightened society. You should be ashamed of yourself.

The members of Fannation deserve an explanation for your hatred of all things semantic. They deserve to know how you have kept this ugly prejudice hidden.

You were previously an esteemed member of this site, but no longer. Explain yourself and how you can possibly hold to such an antiquated belief. ____________________________________________________________________________
rstowe said 12/09, 01:57 PM

There is nothing wrong with being anti-semantic. No matter what you have been taught in your young life there Mr. Ram.

Semantics do nothing but get in the way. There are no use for semantics on this site, other sites or anywhere in the world.

What have semantics ever done for us? All semantics do is cloud our judgement and force us to believe what they are telling us. If you ignore semantics, you get pounded over the head for it.

I am an American and a very old one at that, and I can be as anti-semantic as I want. I served my country well and earned the right to be as anti-semantic as I see fit.

You may like it, you may all me anti-semantic, but I have the right to feel that way and to voice my opinion as such.
The Ram said 12/09, 02:25 PM

So now you want to get rid of semantics throughout the world?

What kind of monster are you? That is despicable rstowe. That kind of thinking aligns you with some of the biggest mosters in world history. Semantics have every right to exist, and to be treated with respect. Your age and service to this country do not give you the right to irrationally hate semantics. You fought for their freedom just as much as anything else.

Semantics have endured countless centuries of oppression from people like you. They have endured endless persecution and been abused by many Fannation members, but never by anyone I respected on this site...until now.

You have a right to voice your opinion, but civilized society also has a right to shout down your terrible anti-semantic rantings.

I support Symantec, and all kinds of semantics and all they do for our country. I'm guessing all of this hatred stems from when semantics beat you up in school and made you afraid to go to English class. They probably also made you get F's on all of you papers. Well, it is your fault for not understanding them. Education is key to understanding, sir. And you need a great deal more of it. 


rstowe said 12/09, 02:32 PM

I'm not completely against semantics. The only semantic I have no problem is Symantec Ghost. They make a great program that helps you deal with semantics in your every day life - if semantics have caused your life to crash around you it will recover your life. Do you know why they had to create such a program? Because there are tons of people in this world who have issues with semantics and need to recover from these semantic related crashes.

Other than that, yes, I am 100% anti-semantic and proud to be such. I would not have a problem with semantics if they kept to themselves; but no; semantics spreads across this site quicker than TFo's Mom can spread an infection. This needs to stop. What will happen to the youth of this world if semantics are allowed to run free and actually be understood by those of us who can think for themselves? The world would be in chaos, thus the need for Symantec Ghost.

I truly don't care if I lost your respect Ram (although I still respect your mom, even with what I do to her). I know there are lots of anti-semantics on this site. The support is just cleverly hidden in blogs, TDs & comments. I'm hoping this TD brings this issue to light.  ____________________________________________________________________________
The Ram said 12/10, 08:27 AM

Rstowe, you're just not getting it.

So I'm staging an intervention. I have a few people here who would like to talk with you.

First let's welcome Bigalke!

Ram: "Bigalke, what would you like to say to rstowe about his anti-semantic tirade?"

Bigalke: "*puff*Puff* huh? I just wanted to say that I've dedicated my life to semanitcs. Well, semantics, hemp sandals, minutae, *puff*puff* and colloquialisms. Your derision of my beloved semantics is abysmally appalling.

Ram: Thank you Bigalke. Now rstowe, let's have a chat with the woman you love the most--T-Fo's mom.

Mrs. Fo, do you think it's acceptable for rstowe to hate semantics?

Mrs. Fo: "Where's my schlitz? You said I'd get schlitz if I talked to you!"

Ram: "Sorry, here you go."

Mrs Fo: "Can't start the day without breakfast! Where's Porkins, he's putting me behind schedule?

Ram: Uh...Mrs. Fo, about rstowe?

Mrs. Fo: Oh right. Rstowe, if you can't love semantics, then you can't love me. Cause I love everyone and anything that moves, and several things that don't. So if you can't love semantics, you can take your pepsi points and spend them elsewhere!"

Ram: "Thank you Mrs. Fo."
rstowe said 12/10, 08:34 AM

Sorry Ram but love and TFo's Mom don't go together...not like chocodiles, Tang and TFo's Mom.

The reason I hate semantics so much is this:

My father taught me to hate semantics.

He once applied for a job but didn't get it. When asked why, the guy doing the hiring said it all came down to semantics. My father then replied, "Semantics? I knew it was them. Even though I don't know what a semantic is or what they are good for, I knew it was them".

So, as you can see, my hatred of semantics is a long-standing, family tradition just like Ram's undying love for the Detroilt Lions and Matt Millen.

Nothing will ever stop me hating semantics, and if you don't agree with my point of view, you don't know your left cheek from your right!

In closing, semantics should not be allowed to continue to cloud people's judgments with what is write or wrong. Semantics are causing the school children in our education system to fall further and further behind the world. WON'T SOMEONE PLEEEEZE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!?

So a vote for me is a vote for the children of the world and we all know, children are our future.




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