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KANSAS CITY VS HOUSTON W kansas city is having problems with LJ and his contract. They no longer have Trent Green. They lost one of thier starting O-Line man to houston Jordan Black.

Caronlina vs houston W Carolina has been going down hill last season jake delhomme was awful. and they dont really have a good starting RB.

INDY VS HOUSTON L The colts are the defending super bowl champs. Thier offense is amazing and thier D is improving.

Atlanta vs Houston W Atlanta is having problems with Vick and the whole dog fighting thing. He will probalby be suspended during this game. They will be using thier old 3rd string QB cause thier @nd string in now starting in houston. No one in atlanta can catch the ball and thier D is Medicore.

MIAMI VS HOUSTON W Miami passed on quinn in the draft taking ted ginn instead which was a dumb move. Thier QB is trent green who has injure problems and will probably get injured during the season. Even if he dosent he has not been playing like he use to and his stats from last season show it. Houston has never lost to Miami

Jacksonville vs houston L They are playing in jacksonville. Which has one of the best fan support and plays great at home. Thier D is great and with fred taylor and Jones Drew thier running game will be amazing. they still are having trouble finding a QB that can stay conststant.

TENNESSEE VS HOUSTON W the titans had a horrible offseason losing starting RB Travis Henry and WR drew Bennet who lead the team in all passing categories. They also lost thier D ans special teams Stud Pacman Jones because of a year long suspention.

San Diego vs Houston L san diego is probalby the most likely team to make it to the super bowl this year with and amazing offense lead by LT and a very strong D.

Oakland vs Houston W Oakland is a horrillbe. Sure they got Russell which ws a good pick, but his leading WR is Porter who has done nothing really for the team. The O-line is bad and needs alot of work. The D is pretty good but it cant make up for the weak offense. Houston has never lost to Oakland.


NEW ORLEANS VS HOUSTON L The saint are another team going for the super bowl this season. with Brees and QB and McAllister at RB Colsten at WR they are almost unstoppable on offense. thier D is ok but the offense easily makes up for it.

Cleveland vs Houston W cleveland got quinn but he is overrated and might not even start this season. Thier D is not very strong and thier offense has some good players like K2 and jammal lewis but i dont think it is enough to beat houston.

Tennessee vs Houston L they picked up no one in the draft to help VY on offense and his stats will suffer this season beacause of it. Thier starting RB is lendel washington who had no succese in New York and will not have any in tennessee, but they are at tennessee this could go either way.

TAMPA BAY VS HOUSTON W th bucs dont really have a QB. You might think garcia is the man. but he is old and has never played a full season. by now he will be feeling it. Thier D is mediocre apart from Rande Barber.

DENVER VS HOUSTON L denver is strong on D and Offense. This is houstons first prime time game so they might be pressured by it. Even though they are in houston i think denver comes away with the win in this one.

Indy vs Houston L If we cant beat them at home how will we at thier place. they are too strong offenseivly for houston to over take. Unless thier D returns to the horrilbe way it was before the playoffs. Then Houston has a chance with Ahman Green and the running game.

JACKSONVILLE VS HOUSTON W houston leads the all time series against the jags 6-4. they crushed the jags last season at home 27-7. Hosuton seems to have the Jags figured out. and they still have the QB issue.

So houston finishes the season 9-7 with a shot at going to the wildcards and having the first winning record in franchise history.


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