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Finally, there was a quarterback that threw more interceptions than Romo in a game against the Cowboys.  In fact, I don't recall that a single pass was touched by a blue jersey last night.  Not by a defensive lineman deflecting a pass, linebacker falling into coverage, member of the secondary reading Romo's eyes, or Romo forcing the ball into coverage.  The latter was key even though Romo missed a couple of receivers that were open, but most importantly he missed blue jerseys considering he had constant pressure, since Proctor was getting beat on every play during the 1st half.  Romo did scramble to make plays and just as important, he took his medicine when he couldn't make a play.  The one thing that Romo needs to improve on is breaking the huddle faster and getting to the line of scrimmage, so that there is a lot more time left on the playclock.  This will help his lineman by not giving away the advantage of the cadence that eventually led to the Giants' safety.  This also led to the worst and best play by Romo.  The center gave the ball to Romo while all the linemen were still in their stances and the Giants defense sacked Romo that caused him to fumble the ball in the endzone.  It was also the best play by Romo because he had great awareness to swat the ball into the back of the zone in order to avoid a touchdown that instead led to a safety. 


Barber had a hard time running the ball against the Giants defense that in the past has had a hard time slowing him down from running all over the place.  Obviously, he is still injured.  However, there was one run towards the end of the game that showed that he will be alright for the Ravens or the season finale against the Eagles.  Whether he is ready to go or not, Choice has done a fantastic job of filling in for Barber and next season this might become a 3-headed monster in the backfield or possible trade bait.  This was one of the worst performances by the offensive line in a while and the Giants also have one of the best defenses, so this probably contributed to that as well.  But Romo and/or Garrett need to do a better of job of getting the play to the rest of the offense so that linemen can break the huddle faster and get to the line.  The ball is constantly being snapped with 1 second left in the playclock and this doesn't help the linemen, especially Proctor.  Most importantly, the offense was able to move through the ground at the end when it mattered most.


Doomsday is back and stronger than ever.  Over the last few weeks the defense has been showing up to chew bubble gum and kick some butt.  And they have been all out of bubble gum!  Ware finished the game with 19 sacks and has a great chance of breaking or tying Straham's record of 22.  And if he breaks it, he will break it without anyone dropping to the ground for him.  The defense recorded 6 sacks against the Giants and 2 interceptions.  Zach Thomas and Bradie James continue to play awesome run defense.  The defense also caused 2 fumbles that the Giants recovered.  The Cowboys defense need to continue to bring the heat and they will eventually have more turnovers.  The secondary smothered the Giants receiving corp and they are doing a great job in man and in zone coverage that is allowing the defense to blitz more than they had earlier in the year.  And if the offense does complete a pass, the secondary is not allowing yards after the catch.  The only concern is that Newman takes it for granted that the opposing team will not throw long against him because of his speed which leads for other teams to complete a cheap, long pass against him.  The rest of the secondary need to also communicate better to him when the long ball is being thrown against him.  On one occassion, Newman didn't even know that the ball was flying over his head and luckily for us, the Giants didn't connect for a touchdown.

Special Teams

The special teams coverage was awesome, especially on kickoffs.  On two occasions a cover guy pushed one of the blockers in the wedge into the return guy for a tackle.  Now that is being aggressive!  Folk also had a kickoff reach the 3-yard line, so he must be eating Wheaties or menudo in order to kick it that deep.  Paulescu pinned the Giants deep inside the twenty on 2 different occasions-it helps not having a strong leg when you are trying to keep it the ball from bouncing into the endzone. 

Coaching Staff

Overall the coaching staff did a great job of preparing for the Giants and taking away the pressure from Romo by playing oppossum.  One area that the staff needs to do a better job of is the reduction of penalties.  The Cowboys had 11 penalties for 108 yards and the only reason that these didn't affect the outcome of the game is because Giants had their share of penalties.  Given that about 3 were tacky and should not have been called against the Cowboys.  The staff needs to continue to remind the Cowboys that they control their own destiny and for them not to count on any help from the Panthers, Bucs, and Falcons.


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