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So, after reading a posting I tend to check out some of the comments. Sometimes I respond to other users and sometimes I mock really stupid and bad comments. I decided, maybe I should share these examples of absurdness with others? Why should I be the only one who gets to enjoy these mentally painful tidbits? I’ll try to collect come choice comments through the week and select 5 or so and, umm, discuss them. I’ll also try to acknowledge so more enjoyable comments if there any that exist, not counting my own awesome comments obviously… So, without further ado, the first edition of “Stupid Comments on Fannation.com”


This first posting was only based on things I saw/read Friday because that's when I thought of it. Later posts will include comments extracted from the entire week, hopefully. Enjoy...


Comment #1

From “NFL Game Rankings, Week 15” posted on 12/11/2008

“The Steeler-Raven game will be a battle of defenses” – a ****i

This comment inspired my idea to collect to stupid comments. This is obviously referring to the game this weekend, a late match up for the battle of the AFC North with two outstanding defenses.  But come on, could there be a more generic comment for this game? Did you think you had some revelation and needed to share it with the rest of us? The top two defenses are playing each other and you say it will be a battle of defenses, hmmmm, interesting point I haven’t thought or heard yet this week or any other time either of these two teams have faced another formidable defense. Your insight is unmatched. I think we found the next John Madden.


Which brings us to…


Comment #2

From “NFL Game Rankings, Week 15” posted on 12/11/2008

 I have $10 that says Hines delivers the biggest hit of the game.” – j*******r

This quote is referring to the same game and in response to another comment. I understand Hines has been known to give out some good knock downs, but do you really think a game with these two defenses will result in an offensive player with the best hit? Harrison, Woodley, Farrior, Polamalu, Lewis, Suggs, Scott, Reed…do these names mean anything to you. Hines Ward will have a harder hit than any of those eight guys??? You should have been paying attention and maybe you would know The Steeler-Raven game will be a battle of defenses.”


Those first two comments hit at home for me, being from Baltimore, there’s a lot of hype on this game and any Steelers-Ravens game. I hope I’m not I’m not unintentionally inflating the retardedness of those comments because of my own personal interest in the subject.


Comment #3

From “T.O.: I'm not jealous of Witten” posted 12/12/2008

“Die hard cowboys fan here but.........the only balls TO should be worried about catching are DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ in his grill!” – E******K

I mean, he’s a Cowboys fan, so you can’t expect much, but come on! (Were there enough commas in that sentence?) This one made me cringe. Have you thought about trying Amateur Night at the Apollo? This is how I imagine it…

There’s a crowded sports bar somewhere in America. People standing at the bar, enjoying drinks and discussing sports, and watching the game. Maybe one of the TVs has ESPN News on it and Trey Wingo is telling us about this story, when some jackass yells out “the only ball TO should be worried about catching are DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ in his grill!” As he laughs to himself, looking around and expecting others to join in. Instead, he just created a really awkward situation for anyone around him. People have to pretend they didn’t hear him or force an amused smile, maybe even a short laugh. It’s just a horrible situation that kills even the best buzz. You could potentially clear out a bar saying something that dumb.

Next time a DEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ balls joke comes to mind, save it for middle school.


Comment #4

From “Should the Giants' offensive line be eligible for NFL MVP?” posted 12/04/08

I don’t know how I stumbled on this article today seeing as it’s more than a week old, but we’ll use it nonetheless. This comment is one fannationer’s opinion of who should be MVP…

“Tony Romo. No team depends on a single player as much as the Cowboys do, as they proved under Brad Johnson.” – I ** ***’* ****n

Why don’t we just give it to Tom Brady while we’re at it? Tony Romo looks great against crappy teams. Perhaps this guy is a victim of hind sight being 20-20 and he posted this prior to Romo throwing an interception to help the Cowboys lose against the Steelers, but still, NO. Tony Romo is not an MVP up to this point, nor was he a week ago when the comment was made. No person who sits out for a pinky injury is an MVP. And just because one quarterback sucks (Brad Johnson) doesn’t mean that makes Tony Romo any better. I’m sure if you put me in as QB for the Raiders this same dummy would be calling for JaMarcus Russell to be MVP. Maybe I over exaggerated…My point being is, get your head out of your **** and think being you comment. If Kurt Warner, Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, and Peyton Manning all die between now and the MVP awards, you can nominate Romo. And I’m totally ignoring non-QBs in this. I’m done with this comment, this is stupid.



My Favorite Comment I Saw This Week Award

From “FanNation speaks” posted 12/11/2008

The post was actually Fannation’s favorite comments through the day, coincidentally, but my pick comes from the comments section, not one of their picks. The winning comment was in response to another comment criticizing soccer…

“Shut up, idiot. Hundreds of millions of people love soccer… After that, see if you think of yourself as an athlete or a dramatist.” – P*** *****r

I didn’t actually read (or quote) the entirety of this comment, I just like that he/she started it with “Shut up, idiot.” Perfect intro, it really set the mood. It was a great response and if you check out the post and see the flow of comments, the “idiot” doesn’t recover. It was a deadly blow in commenting arguments.


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