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Finally a column that takes pride in its lack of un-professionalism.  A Texas two step takes down the top two teams and Joe Pisarcik now has some company.  What up Holmes?  And who throws his shoe man, honestly? 

We begin in Big-D where if teasing is believing, then count me as a believer in the Dallas Cowboys.  Not because of their offense getting healthier, but man oh man has that defense looked stout of late against two of the league's better teams.  If the Giants aren't careful we could end up seeing these two hook up again in the Wild Card round of the NFC playoffs at the Meadowlands.  Both Eli Manning and Tony Romo almost became "Fat Heads" with the two defenses combining for 12 sacks. 

Elsewhere in the NFC East, think the Bengals will want to apply for re-location after beating the Redskins, tying the Eagles, taking the Giants to OT and playing the Cowboys straight up?  Think maybe next September the Bengals front office would want to set all their calendars to December as they do to the 'Skins what they did to the Browns last year?

Who would've thought in a game where Tyler Thigpen out rushes LaDanian Tomlinson (40-39) that the Bolts would storm all the way back to keep their season alive, scoring 12 unanswered points in the 4th quarter to shock the Chiefs.  Phil Rivers 346 yards passing.

From Charlie Batch to Charlie Brown the Lions had the Colts squared at 21-21, on the plus side (I guess) would we even be talking about the Lions at this juncture if they were 1-13?

Don't look now but  the Houston Texans led by Matt Schaub, Steve Slaton and Andre Johnson now boast the league's 3rd most potent offense.  They've won four in a row and at 7-7 with the Raiders and Bears remaining, a 9-7 finish certainly not out of the question.  Thanks in part to Hurricane Gustav, Jeff Fisher and the Titans lay a goose egg with some terrible play calling, hence even Rob Bironas and his booming leg couldn't even get a crack in the bustling winds of Houston.  Will the Titans still have homefield throughout the AFC playoffs after a clash against former AFC Central rival Pittsburgh?

Speaking of Pittsburgh, its better to be lucky than good and the Steelers just so happen to be both.  What a drive (92 yards to be exact) by Ben "don't call me David Lee Roth-liesberger" as the Steelers pull out another gut buster late.  Pilon cam anyone?  Technology hasn't caught up to this point but if you spun Santonio Holmes around then had his feet outside the endzone with the ball in the same place would the call on the field still play out in the same fashion?  For those who would complain about technology replacing "human error," don't worry we still have human error even with instant replay. 

If you're the New York Jets and you're ahead with the ball and backed up inside your own five in the 4th quarter wouldn't it stand to reason that you'd be much better off handing the ball to the AFC's leading rusher in Thomas Jones or a guy like Leon Washington who could easily break one off for 80 yards?  Instead the Jets decide to throw it on three consecutive plays, killing virtually no time off the clock.  Luckily for them J.P. "get-lost-man" did his best Joe Pisarcik impression and gave the game away.  Did Tom Donahoe really trade up and blow a 1st rounder on this guy?  Jets control their own destiny.

The Bucs still can't win a road game against a quality opponent as road teams in the NFC South sink to 0-11 against divisional foes.  Atlanta and Minnesota becomes a very intriguing game next week.  If you like your share of running backs, Adrian Peterson vs. Michael Turner should be a doozy.  Remember how controversial that signing bonus given to Matt Ryan was back in August?  Doesn't look so crazy now, maybe Matty should've asked for more. 

If I'd told you Tavaris Jackson and Matt Cassel would each have the same amount of TD passes Sunday would you have been shocked?  How about if I told you they'd each have four of 'em.

Just three years ago the Carolina Panthers shutout a banged up Giants team at Giants Stadium during the NFC playoffs, John Fox has no reason to Cowher any longer.

Looking like that Dolphins-Jets game will mean something come week 17, could the biggest beneficiary be the Pats?

Is it Tuesday night yet?  Cleveland petitions to have all games moved to Monday night, goes 16-0, loses in divisional round to Pittsburgh.  Are the Eagles the most well rested team in football or what?  Talk about a lot of time to prepare for the Giants and now the Browns.  Tony Kornheiser goes on to talk about how much Brett Favre would singlehandedly make this game better. 

"I'm in your head Werder vs. what's the frequency Kenneth?" 

From the if you still cared to know dept. Visanthe Shancoe, one catch for eight yards but no frontal nudity. 

O.J.'s lawyers couldn't think of anything decent that rhymed with memorabilia eh?  How will this impact the making of a 4th installment of The Naked Gun? 

The Arena Football league is dead, but the Albany Firebirds... they'rrrrrreee baaaack!  

If you've stuck it out this far you're Saint, but you're still not going to the playoffs, the facts just Bear it out. 

Just remember what Tim Tebow and the rest of his Gators did to the last guy who won a Heisman in the National Championship Game. 


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