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Joe Dew

Dec 15th 2008


High Riser this week- 11-(15) Utah


Pitiful Faller this week- 8- (4) Portland

1-(1) Boston - I dont see this changing anytime soon with the 22-2 start. Tonight Utah visits the Celtics and last year the Jazz gave the Celtics their biggest loss of the year, could that happen again?

2-(3) Cleveland-Passing up the Lakers! They needed Z to beat the Hawks and they lost a game ending the streak at 11.

3-(2) L.A. Lakers- Shoot me now Laker fans... they lost to the Pacers and Kings and that moves them down a little bit. I believe they will reclaim the spot but for right now this is where we stand.  

4- (5) Orlando- Beating Portland and Utah on the road is pretty impressive, throw in an injured Dwight Howard and it becomes even more so. Howard missed his first career game on Saturday vs the Jazz. 

5- (7) Denver- Melo had an amazing game last week, if you havent heard go find out. Then the upcoming schedule before the Christmas Day is going to be brutal. They play Mavs, Cavs, Rockets, Suns and Blazers...

6-(8) San Antonio- The Spurs are just starting to do their thing. Greg Popovich is one of the best masterminds in basketball.

7- (6) New Orleans- Hard loss to the Celtics. I am sure James Posey enjoyed getting his Championship Ring finally, 2 months after the rest of the team got theirs from last seaosn. 

8- (4) Portland- Whats up with the Greg Oden drama and a nail biter with the Clippers.

9- (10) Dallas- I picked up Barea for my fantasy roster. Dirk is starting to play like an MVP again but this German has been pretty consistent over the years.

10-(9) Houston- They are still the injured Rockets of Houston past. T Mac returns and then Artest goes out.

11-(15) Utah- Well Paul Millsap has had 10 double doubles this season while starting. The Jazz lost to the Howardlesss Magic. Which really sucked as a Jazz fan. They have already lost 4 home games this season which is the same amount they missed all of last year. 

12- (12) Atlanta- Bibby led the Hawks over the Cavs and ended that streak. Bibby had 24 by the way.

13- (13) Phoenix- D'Antoni returns to Phoenix tonight and he wont recognize the team since they traded Raja Bell and Boris Diaw for Jason Richardson.

14-(14) Detroit- Should the Pistons look at dealing Rasheed Wallace, there are rumors of Dallas.

15- (17) Chicago- If you missed the apple story i will quickly recap. Derrick Rose said he cut his thumb cutting an apple in his bed!

16- (11) New Jersey- Starting to fall back to where everyone expected them to be.

17- (16) Miami- D Wade is saying he should be in talks for the MVP. 

18- (21) New York- Al Harrington has taken his game to a another level going into D'Antoni's system. 

19- (22) Milwaukee -Redd is back and Andrew Bogut had a monstrous 20 and 20 game. 

20- (20) Toronto- Well the Hornets beat them at home. Do you feel bad for the coaching situation?

21- (19) Philadelphia- Elton Brand returned finally and thats good for my fantasy team, he put up 27 points while breaking the skid. 

22- (18) Indiana- And i had the chance to have Danny Granger on my fantasy roster.

23- (27) Memphis- Hibernation is over. They went on a 4 game streak beating the Heat, Bulls, Thunder and Rockets.

24- (23) Charlotte- What were they thinking in that trade, losing there main scorer?

25- (28) L.A. Clippers- Beat the Blazers in a double overtime thriller.

26- (25) Washington- Well they lost Coach Jordan and now have Jarvais Crittenton and Mike James for Antonio Daniels. What can we expect this season?

27- (24) Sacramento- Kevin Martin is becoming the new injured king of the League, Mr Unreliable. I am just bitter since he is on my fantasy team. 

28- (26) Golden State- They broke the 9 game losing streak with a win over the Thunder. Woo hoo...

29- (29) Minnesota- Mike Miller has returned, will that fix the mess though?

30- (30) Oklahoma City- It might not be working with the new coach.



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