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Seriously, I can't just keep playing home games in Colorado Springs and Denver.  They're wearing on my soul, and I need a change.  It has gotten to a point where I am enjoying betting that one guy won't last 2 hours (he rarely does and I doubled up my $10 bet last night) more than I do betting the cards in my hand.  And that is just sad. 

It is the level of play that is killing me though.  People that have no idea what the odds are that their hand is good or will become good.  People that think any ace is a good ace.  People that raise under the gun with 4-5 (from an unraised button...maybe...but under the gun at a full table???), and continue betting it to draw out a 4 on the board heart flush and for some reason still win the pot.  People with the blinds at 400/800, and 2000 chips left, calling a raise to 1600 rather than just shoving their last 400 more in, and then hitting the flop, betting their last 400, and not getting called (both sides were just plain stupid on that hand). 

Or last night, blinds at 500/1000, three limpers in front of me, and I've got J-J with only 4500 left.  So I shove it all in.  And I get called by a guy that is not a blind, and has not limped in previously.....and he turns over 7-8.  He says "Sorry JP, thought you were bluffing".  My reply was a little caustic...."So you thought you'd bluff a call?"

Here's the deal.  7-8, even suited, is 27% to win against any over pair.  So it is 3-1 to LOSE.  I don't care that it is the strongest hand you can have against Aces, it is still 73% to LOSE.  In other words, it is stupid to call half your stack to an all in raise with it. 

Of course, the rest of the field folds, as he should have.  And a 6 on the flop, 9 on the turn, and 10 on the river sent me packing against a guy that obviously doesn't have a clue as to the value of starting hands.  "But they were suited"..."But they were connected".   Blah blah blah.  And I consider this guy a good poker player!!!!!!!

So this is what the home game circuit I am currently involved with has become.  Just a series of stupid bets and calls, and frustration.  There are people that play it that read this, and they know I'm not talking about them (except for one hand above because I promised him I was going to mention it today).  And yes, the guy that we bet won't last two hours reads this, but he knows its all in fun and he has as big of a blast with it as we do, I think.  We have many players in our circuit that play solid poker, bluff when it is right to bluff, and play a solid, consistent game.  But the idiots are starting to wear on me.  I look at the invitation responses now praying certain names aren't on there.  And of course,  before its time to play....the names pops up.

Why?  Becuase idiots don't win.  That's cool.  But idiots do take out good players.  That's not. 

Perfect example:  Friday night my son is playing a cash game in Hawaii.  He looks down to A-A.  One guy raises, Tim reraises.  Then the other guy reraises again!  No problem, shove it in!  And Tim does.  $280.  The other guy doesn't even hesititate.  He says "I've got to call you buddy", and turns over J-Q offsuit.  HE HAS TO CALL HIM!?!?!?  Flop?  7-Q-Q.  There is no justice in this world when the poker gods rewards stupidity like that.  Over $300 on a J-Q offsuit called to someone who has already raised you once, and then shoved all in on you.  I would have put the keys to my car on the table betting that he had A-A.  It was obvious.  But "I've got to call you buddy".  Why?  Because you're stupid.

In January, the casino towns in Colorado will vote on whether to raise the limits in the casino from $5 to $100.  That means that the poker games can have cash games where you can bet up to $100 on a hand, rather than just $5 limit games.  I certainly can't wait.  I need a change, and I need it quickly.  I cannot just continue to play the level or players I am playing now.  It isn't fun anymore. 


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