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I am so tired of everyone talking bad about Gene Chizik. Turner Gill has a decent resume, but to say that he is by far the best, is STUPID! Charles Barkley, Shut one cares about your opinion. Go talk to Rev. Al Sharpton and get with him about it.


Turner Gill

1989- Graduate Assistant at Nebraska

1990-91 1 year each at North Texas and Southern Methodist (UNT & SMU)

1992-2003, 2004- Nebraska QB's Coach, WR's Coach

2005- Green Bay Packers Player Developement, assistant WR and Offensive Coach

2006- Present- Buffalo Head Coach, 06- 2-10, 07- 5-7, 08- 7-5 MAC Conference Title

Turner Gill has worked a number of positions. Nebraska was good during his tenure and he did help grow QB Eric Crouch into a Heisman candidate, but does that system translate any further where Nebraska. I like the Green Bay Packer thing, which would help him understand players coming into the pros and how to train College athletes into pros. Buffalo, they were one of the worst teams in FBS.........okay. But when you play in the MAC, that is totally different. You have Ball State who is the Jugernaut in that Division.......oooowwwww scary! He did build every season and make the team better but 7-5 doesn't mean your ready for the big time. I am sure Turner Gill will make a Great Head Coach at a Big Program, I just think he needs to prove himself next year. He should land a top job.

 Gene Chizik

1988-89- Graduate Assistant for Clemson

90-91 Defensive Ends Coach for Middle Tenn. State

92-95, 96-97 Linebackers Coach at Stephen F. Austin, Defensive Coord.

98-01 Defensive Coord. & Secondary Coach for UCF

02-04 Defensive Coord. & Secondary Coach for Auburn

05-06 Co-Defensive Coord. & Assistant Head Coach & Linebackers Coach

07-08 Head Coach Iowa State

08 Hired as Auburn Head Coach

The only thing I can say about Auburn is that the Defense was already stout, it was the offense that needed help. Gene Chizik Clearly has a great resume as well. The determining factor was probably that he had been very successful at Auburn already. Everywhere he has been, Chizik has made the Defenses better. He has 3 Jim Thorpe Award winners under his watch ( Carlos Rogers, Aaron Ross, Michael Huff). Which all were first round picks in the NFL, along with CB Tarrell Brown 5th rounder, CB Cedric Griffin 2nd rounder FS Michael Griffin. His Head Coaching Tenure hasn't been that great. But really look at it. Iowa State is in the Big 12. It's not the MAC. You are going to have a Bad record trying to restore a Decent program in the Toughest Conference in FBS. Chizik has coached at the highest levels. He Dominated the SEC and stopped the BEST COLLEGE FOOTBALL TEAM EVER!!!!!!!!!! The 2005 USC team that could beat NFL Teams! To me, that is not too shabby. There is no way you can say that the MAC is better than the Big 12 or SEC. So, if the Auburn Community is comfortable with a Coach that made Auburn into a Stellar Defense......Let the man do his thing!



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