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So this is Big Chaco venting on my Real Madrid. As everybody knows, I'm the big Real Madrid fan.

Real Madrid is currently in 6th place. Had Deportivo won during the weekend, los blancos would've sunk to an unbelieable 7th. And while Schuster got the sacking, Calderon and Mijatovic need to be gone!

The Schuster sacking was unforunate and the Ramos signing was surprising. But I want to talk about a problem that has been plaguing Real Madrid: la cantera (their academy products). A week before the Schuster sacking, the club was rocked by the resignation of club here Michel from the reserve squad. Castilla (aka Real Madrid B) play in the 2nd division. Earlier in the year, Real Madrid academy was recognized by UEFA for being among the best in Europe because they have produced more players plying their trade in La Liga. And its true. Yet, Madrid has not benefitted. When Michel resigned because he Calderon (Real Madrid president) has "desprestigia" the Madrid academy. He has not treated the academy with dignity. This caused in uproar in the club, but was then overshadowed with the Schuster sacking and upcoming clasico.

This brings me to the topic of the blog. The same week Michel was fired, Marca was celebrating the 25th anniversary of the first game of the Quinta de Buitre. For all those how don't know, the Quinta de Buitre was the name of the Real Madrid team that dominated the 80s. The quintet was formed by Butragueno, Michel, Sanchis, Pedreza and Vazquez. By dominated, I mean winning 5 straight La Liga (and second place was never close). The team revolved around 5 home grown Real Madrid academy players. These players pulled off the greatest season for Real Madrid's B team and won the second division. Coach Di Stefano decided to build the team around these kids, and would later form one of the best teams Europe had seen. The only blemish was the "curse" of the European Cup. They've won Supercups and UEFA Cups. They contributed to Mexican Hugo Sanchez's legend helping him win 5 pichicihis.

The combination of the Michel signing and the 25th anniversary of the Quinta led to discussions about the state of Real Madrid's youth academy and the 1st team. Only Casillas, Raul and Guti have come up from the youth in the past 7 years. Yet, the academy does produce quality players such as Mata (Valencia), Arbeloa (Liverpool) and Raul Garcia (Atletico). Is the pressure of Real Madrid too great? No. The club is too busy signing players that take up the first-team slots and end up being bust anyway.

I hate to say this, but I'm jealous of Barcelona. Let's look at their squad. The homegrown Iniesta, Messi, Xavi, Pique and Puyol dominate the lineup. Let's remember that Guardiola is a Barca youth product. He was coaching the reserves before he was promoted to coaching the first team. And he has had so much faith in the kids by placing them in the first team: Busquets, Victor Sancez, and Pedro Rodriguez have impressed with the playing time they have gotten. And there's still the great Bojan. What's scarier, is that Jeffren Suarez (Venezuelan-born) will eventually creep up.

Where's Madrid? We produced quality home-grown players but the brass continues to turn their back. I want to see the Madrid that strikes balance between homegrown players and signed players. I hope Bueno and Parejo become the new figures of the team and replace Raul. I hope Ruben De La Red can overcome his heart condition (he passed out in one game) to replace Guti. I want to see Javi Garcia and Torres become regulars too! I want Casillas to become captain and call out everybody. After watching the clasico, I'm worried that if this nonsense continues at the club, our beloved Casillas will leave.


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