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As the 2009 Pro Bowl selections came out, I was thinking to myself, Are fans really that big of homers that they will just vote for their teams players?  Turns out you are.  This year was full of huge snubs who didnt get in, probably one of the worst years in recent memory.

But seeing as it is my 50th blog I wont continue to bash fans, mereley point out who you left out!

1.)  Greg Jennings- 5th in receiving yards, 4th in touchdowns.  This guy was a beast all year, and yes, the Packers bad season didnt help him, but this guy needed to be in the Pro Bowl.

2.)  Aaron Rodgers- Completed 63% of his passes, compared to Mannings 60%.  As well as throwing 23 touchdowns and only 12 picks.  3 and 2 more than Manning respectivley.  He had a 91 passer rating 6 point better than Manning, yet he managed to be left of the roster.

3.)  DeAngelo Williams- Although the running backs for the NFC all deserve to be in it, I am not sure that Portis beat out Williams.  Its true that Williams had about a 100 less yards, but Williams had double the amount of touchdowns Portis had.  Plus going all season without fumbling is a big feat.  Williams deserves a roster spot.

4.)  John Abraham- The best pass rusher in the NFC needed a roster spot.  He was full sack ahead of the next best, Jared Allen, and 3 ahead of Julius Peppers.  He was a force to be reckoned with from the end, and was a massive snub this year.

5.)  Darnell Dockett- One of the best pass rushers from the inside DT position was left out this year.  He was a force on the weak Arizona defense.  He racked up 40 tackles, 31 of them solo, as well as 4 sacks.

6.)  John Carlson- He was solid all year as a rookie on a pathetic Seattle team.  He had about 100 less yards than Cooley but with 3 more touchdowns he was a bit more deserving than Cooley.

1.)  Phillip Rivers- How did he not make it?  A 101 passer rating that led the NFL, 3500 yards, 28 touchdowns, and only 11 picks?  He led Favre in every category except for throwing picks...Favre threw 6 more!

2.)  Chad Pennington- He deserves it.  He led a 1-15 team to being in contention this year.  He has decent numbers as well, 3200 yards, 14 TD's and only 6 picks.  Not to mention a 66% completion rate.

3.)  Steve Slaton- 1100 yards, 8 TD's and being a rookie for the Texans should be an automatic big.  He was third in rushing and did this all behind a horrid offensive line.

4.)  Marshawyn Lynch- 4th in rushing, and was decent with 7 TD's.  He was a far better choice than Ronnie Brown who lacked in the rushing yards.  Yes I know Brown also threw the ball, but this is RUNNINGBACK...how well did he run the ball...decentley.

5.)  Dallas Clark- Had a down year in terms of Indy passing, but still put up enough numbers to be on the roster.  He had near 700 yards and 5 TD's, good for 3rd and 2nd best respectivley for TE's.

6.)  LaMar Woodley- He had a good year with 11.5 sacks and 55 tackles, but his partner in crime, James Harrison outshone him all year.  Woodley was good enough to be on that roster.

7.)  Mario Williams-  He was second in DE's with 11 sacks, and had a decent 46 tackles to go with that.  But what I especially like from him was his leadership on a fairly young Texan team.


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