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Again this week all eyes will be watching the AFC East as the Jets try and hold off the Pats and the Dolphins one more week. As for the rest of the NFL we all know who's who and what's what in the divisions. These are my picks for this weeks action drop a line and tell me what you think.

Indianapolis 10-4 (Road: 5-2) at Jacksonville 5-9 (Home: 2-5)

As the Colts roll in to town against the red hot Jags this week the Colts have a lot of questions as the Colts were almost beat last week when they faced the underdog Lions. This week I think the Colts can handle the self destructing red hot season killing Jags. No doubt the Colts win their 11th this week.

Baltimore 9-5 (Road: 4-3) at Dallas 9-5 (Home: 6-1)

Well this week we find them Dallas Boys in a heap of trouble as they face the Ravens and their stingy defense. The Ravens will face a hungry Dallas team showed the Nation they could rebound from a heart breaking loss as they left the Giants scratching their heads. This game is going to get physical as both are wild card bound; looking for momentum I give the win to Dallas.

Cincinnati 2-11-1 (Road: 0-7) at Cleveland 4-10 (Home: 1-6)

If you have yet to hang up Christmas/Holliday decorations Saturday is the day to do so; as these two teams that we all hoped would be playoff contenders are now playing for top spots in the draft next year. I will give the win to the Brownies this week.

New Orleans 7-7 (Road: 1-6) at Detroit 0-14 (Home: 0-7)

If ever there was a team that could just give away a win to another team show me; this week we have two teams that fit that description playing each other. I thing this game is going to be a blow out as the Saints would love to finish with a winning season and Detroit would be hard pressed not to win this week as they have come this far and would hate to not give their fans a perfect season.

Miami 9-5 (Road: 4-2) at Kansas City 2-12 (Home: 1-6)

As the Dolphins come into town they have a lot on their collective minds; something they haven't had to worry about in over 5 years. The Chiefs would like nothing more than to put the nail in the Fins coffin. As of this week the undertaker is on vacation as the Dolphins walk away with another win and one less monkey on their backs.

Arizona 8-6 (Road: 3-4) at New England 9-5 (Home: 4-3)

Can the Cards do to the Pats what they did to the Dolphins and the Bills. Can the Pats make it three in a row some thing they haven't done since last year? Are the Patriots a real threat to any team they could face in the Playoffs? All these questions will be answered when the Cards travel to Fox Borough this week they face not only the elements but a tough New England team as well. I give the win this week to the Cards as they to build momentum going in to the playoffs; and because Matt Cassel will fold under the thoughts as some will start to compare him to a young Tom Brady.

San Francisco 5-9 (Road: 2-5) at St. Louis 2-12 (Home: 1-6

San Francisco!! Under the dome this week as they face a team two wins better than the Loins who they beat in week 3. The Ram have all but looked good this year only beating the Washington and Dallas two team that should have turned the tide in favor of the Rams. This week they face a strong 49ers team that came up short against the Fins. I give the victory to the 49ers.

Pittsburgh 11-3 (Road: 6-1) at Tennessee 12-2 (Home: 6-1)

It's a shame that the Titans lost last week by 1pt and this week they have to face a Steelers team they will no doubt face in the playoffs. The Steelers are a far better team than the Lions and with the way the Titans struggled last week I think they won't look or be playing Titans, against Pittsburgh.

San Diego 6-8 (Road: 2-5) at Tampa Bay 9-5 (Home: 6-0)

Can the Chargers make it 3 wins in a row and open the door for the Falcons; well if history has any thing to do with it the Bucs are in some trouble as they are on a two game skid. History also tells us those teams from the West Coast struggle against teams in the Eastern Time zone. The Chargers have enough talent on the field to make the Bucs offence look weak.

Buffalo 6-8 (Road: 3-4) at Denver 8-6 (Home: 4-3)

With the Bills backs against the ropes the Broncos look land that KO punch and lock up the AFC West this weak. I think the Bills know the situation at hand and realize they could play season spoiler to the Broncos and open the door for the Chargers allowing a must win game in week 17. Buffalo picks up the win and the season heats up again.

Houston 7-7 (Road: 2-5) at Oakland 3-11 (Home: 1-6)

It's a darn shame that the Texans are only going to finish 9-7 "if only" is the theme running around the locker room. If only we had won one more game if only. Well the Texans don't have to worry about "if only" against the Raiders. Texans win and open up playoff dreams next year.

NY Jets 9-5 (Road: 4-3) at Seattle 3-11 (Home: 1-6)

0-3 on the West Coast this year and with all the stress of a three legged race in the division could it be enough to unravel the marvel that is Favre. All eyes will be on the score board as the Jets take the field looking to see how the Fins and Pats faired. This could be a distraction. Upset alert Seahawks upset the Jets as they are too distracted to focus.

 Atlanta 9-5 (Road: 3-4) at Minnesota 9-5 (Home: 5-1)

With the playoffs almost in reach the Falcons are going to play all out against the Viking who has all but locked up the North. The Viking are playing well behind Tarvaris Jackson. Atlanta has more desire to win this game.

Philadelphia 8-5-1 (Road: 3-3-1) at Washington 7-7 (Home: 3-4)

As we all know that Eagles have played well since benching McNabb and aren't looking to cool off any time soon. As they make their way to the Nations Capital to face an align Red Skins team. With this crazy football dance are the Eagles still a viable team to make the playoffs. With a win the Eagles find out.

Carolina 11-3 (Road: 3-3) at NY Giants 11-3 (Home: 6-1)

The once and power full Giants have dropped two games in a row and have looked like an unstoppable Giant till then; now they face a Panther team that looks Super Bowl bound and would like to sharpen their claws against the former Super Bowl champs. As the Panthers come to town the sleeping Giant was stirred in the loss to Dallas and the Giant looks to get good footing for the playoffs. As the Giant rises the Panthers have enough to knock them back down.

Green Bay 5-9 (Road: 2-5) at Chicago 8-6 (Home: 5-2)

The last time these two played Chicago was held to field goal and looked like a little league team. This week Da Bears 2-0 facing a team with a losing record and will make the Packers its third victim as the look to return the favor and crush them.


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