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I could not sit passively aside when I saw this question come up without providing some input of my own as well as a tad of historical fact. 

How did the Puck get its name? 

 This question recently came up and I feel it deserved a more in depth explaination as to its history as it is the center piece of the game of Ice Hockey as we know it today.

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From what I can see there are several ideas about this, most of which are pure horse apples...


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Which brings us to the origins of the subject at hand. I felt it only fair, "to spread it around" here in the hopes of our general knowledge of the game will "grow".

The word PUCK itself is an interesting one & a bit of a mystery.


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It does derive from the word "POKE". So then it follows that we can in fact:

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...Be completely comfortable with Pucking a chick, IMO.

In ancient archaic english it actually meant "DEMON". An evil spirit or a mischievous sprite (soul).

I would have to observe here, that as is usually the case, what's old is also new. The PUCK can certainly be seen as demonic or mischievous by fans and player's alike. 

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The origin of using it in ice hockey can be found from the 1800's.

Boys often used frozen horse droppings referred to as "horse puckies" or "horse apples" With horses being commonly used to transport goods right into the 1950's so the 'puckies' were easily obtainable.

Other objects sometimes used were boot heels or compressed tin cans & lumps of coal. But "horse puckies" were the most popular and used across the nation.

As for using a Puck in Hockey we can travel back to the first indoor game to find the answer.

Historical Fact Below. 

For the first indoor game the "puck" was an Indian rubber ball like that used in lacrosse matches. The owners of the Victoria Rink were required to spend $300 to replace all of the broken windows caused by the constant bouncing of the erratic ball. Legend has it that for the next game hosted there, the owner cut the rounded edges off of the ball to reduce the bounce and inadvertently invented the hockey puck.

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If you think about it, the hockey puck does in many ways symbolize the hockey player and Canadian. bobby-orr-1.jpg Bobby Orr image by Baunded

No matter how many times it gets slapped, hit, skated over or bashed, it seems to bounce back and is next to indestructible.

torontomapleleafs.jpg Toronto puck image by Baunded

Anyway the next time some ignorant NOOB Pops into a hockey post or TD and says that Hockey is "crap" or the other unprintable noun, he is in fact, quite accurate in his own ignorance! We on the other hand would also be completely just and accurate by telling them to simply "Puck Off"!

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And that my dear hockey fans, is no bull$hit.


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