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When asked this question is seems many can be undecided. They once asked Mats Sundin in Pee Wee and still have not received an answer.

It is a difficult question to answer, some base it on Statistics, others on Toughness, Pure Talent, Excitement or some simply due to a homer man-crushage...(Ask Roberts#1 about this if you can find him.)

Some fans have more than one, some from different era's, others from different teams.

NHLTeamLogo2006.jpg picture by Baunded

Regardless of who it is there are several greats and heros that come to mind...So just for fun, let's see if yours is really who you think it is.

For example Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe

 gordie-howe.jpg picture by Baunded



The Golden Jet,  # 9 Bobby Hull

Bobby_Hulljpg600.jpg picture by Baundedm_086cdd96dbc7e6273916714d8666295c.gif Fireworks picture by Baunded

 Then there's Gretzky...

janet_jones_gretzky2.jpg picture by Baunded

Oops, should have said 99, The Great One.

wayne_gretzky.jpg picture by Baunded


Number 66 Super Mario, Mario Lemieux

lemieux.jpg picture by Baunded

Then we have Sidney Crosby...

 sidney_crosby.jpg picture by Baunded

Okay, we will give him his own spot out of Mario's shadow for his fans who insist on equal billing.

foulnhl-.jpg picture by Baunded


Of course we have to include Nick for "some fans."  Number 5, Nick Lidstrom.

lidstrom.jpg picture by Baunded

Naturally, what would this list be without giving Bigalke's hero some exposure?LanceArmstrong1mr.jpg Lance Armstrong Exposed picture by Baunded


Oh, sorry Zach, wrong hero, that's Lance Armstrong...

Here you go... # 10 The Flower, Guy Lafleur.

33-96542-F.jpg picture by Baunded

We should stay with modern times and have Super 8, Alex Ovechkin.

 alex-ovechkin-richard-kiel.jpg picture by Baunded

What list would not be complete without some serious toughness for fans like Mac Brody?

But first...a quick THROWDOWN interlude...

i.gif picture by Baunded

Moving right along, we can find some serious NHL toughness... 

So I give you #24 The League Heavy Weight Champion, Probie! Bob Probert.

domiprobert.jpg picture by Baunded

Did I forget anyone?



Oh yeah, right. Especially for all you guys that have had a man-crush on Hockey Player's in your life I give you the Greatest one of all...



Number 4 Bobby Orr!


"What do they mean...4?


Can't decide?

Okay, so to answer the question of who is truly your real hockey hero there is actually a fool proof scientific mathematical formula to draw upon.

The answer may surprise you.

So try this without looking at the answers... Some may want to get a calculator now.

1)  Pick your favorite number between 1-9 
2)  Multiply by 3 then 
3)  Add 3, then again Multiply by 3 (I'll wait while you get the calculator) 
4)  You'll get a 2 or 3 digit number... 
5)  Add the digits together

Not too difficult. Make sure you remember your number!

The final step to reveal your REAL HOCKEY HERO is to...

Now Scroll down... 



l_51b98d5d3b7c1a4af93e93be08451ecb.jpg invisible bike cat picture by Baunded

Yes, that's a real nice bike you got there kitty. Now can you get your tail out of a Hockey Blog? Thank, have some Cat-Nip for coming.




Canadiens.gif Habs picture by BaundedDe lancer la rondelle Koivu!alfred.gif picture by Baunded




Senators.gif Sens picture by BaundedGo SENS, you must hmmm...............yoda.gif Yoda light sabre picture by Baunded




Canucks.gif Canucks picture by Baunded Enough said....................................sundin.jpg picture by Baunded





Oilers.gif Oilers picture by BaundedOiler:NHI............................................Hockeygirlref-1-1




Flames.gif Flames picture by BaundedIggy Pop...........................................Iggy




Leafs.gif Leafs picture by BaundedWhat's goin on?................................Fan_linda_perry


Now with that number see who your HOCKEY HERO is from the list below: 

Remember this is a mathematical, fool proof, scientific formula.

1. Gordie Howe

2. Bobby Hull

3. Wayne Gretzky

4. Mario Lemieux

5. Sidney Crosby

6. Nick Lidstrom

7. Guy Lafleur

8. Alex Ovechkin

9. Baun-ded

10. Bob Probert

11. Bobby Orr






Now you truly know who your Hockey Hero is...GO BAUN-DED!



P.S. Stop picking different numbers. We know who your Real Hockey Hero is now, just deal with it!

Hope it was fun for you too.

Now Bigalke can go back to his "Bike Training" with Porkins.

 ghost.gif Bigalke in training picture by Baunded

Ole Zach & Pork got that bike trained almost as well as Alke's CAT.


Merry Christmas PUCKHEADS & Puck Bunnies!

charliesnoopyxmas.jpg picture by Baunded


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