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1. Peyton Manning/QB/Indianapolis: This is an obvious choice.  No player is more valuable to his team than Mr. Manning.

2. Adrian Peterson/RB/Minnesota: No QB?  No problem in Minneapolis.  AD has carried this team to an impending playoff birth.

3. James Harrison/LB/Pittsburgh: I don't like to give the MVP award to defensive players, but Harrison has been the heart and soul of that defense.

4. Albert Haynesworth/DT/Tennessee: Vote for him or else he'll cleat your head!

5. DeAngelo Williams/RB/Carolina: He's a darkhorse candidate, but he has carried this team down the stretch.  If he would win over Peyton, I would not be too upset.


1. DeAngelo Williams/RB/Carolina: Like I said above, he's carried this team with ridiculous stats over the past few weeks.

2. Adrian Peterson/RB/Minnesota: He's in a similar situation with Williams but his team isn't as good.

3. Drew Brees/QB/New Orleans: His team sucks, but he has put up crazy stats.

4. Michael Turner/RB/Arizona: Turner has been the star of the rejuvenated Falcons franchise.

5. Peyton Manning/QB/Indianapolis: His stats are still great even if it is a "down year" for him.


1. James Harrison/LB/Pittsburgh: If a defensive player gets on my MVP ballot, he's pretty much locked up this award.

2. DeMarcus Ware/LB/Dallas: If the Cowboys were going to make the playoffs he would have a chance of jumping Harrison.

3. Troy Polomalu/S/Pittsburgh: Polomalu has been crazy awesome for the Steelers.

4. Ed Reed/S/Baltimore: Reed has been a great bigplay man this year.

5. Justin Tuck/DE/NY Giants: Tuck has been a great replacement for Osi Umenyiora.

Offensive ROY

1. Matt Ryan/QB/Atlanta: I'm embarrassed that I said he was gonna be a bust.

2. Joe Flacco/QB/Baltimore: At least I said Flacco was going to be awesome.

3. Chris Johnson/RB/Tennessee: He's Pro Bowl bound, but he hasn't been as good as Flacco or Ryan, both of whom took their franchise under their wing and carried them to prominence.

4. Steve Slaton/RB/Houston: The Texans are going to be a great team next year.  The AFC South will be tough when the Jags O-line gets healthy.

5. Matt Forte/RB/Chicago: He's done everything this year.  I wish the Colts would have drafted him...

Defensive ROY

1. Jerod Mayo/LB/New England: I hate giving him this award.  I feel so dirty...

2. Chris Horton/S/Washington: He's been great in tackling and in pass coverage.  He's a great replacement for the late Sean Taylor.

3. Dwight Lowery/CB/NY Jets: I knew he was going to be good.  Damn I'm good.

4. Brandon Flowers/CB/Kansas City: A good pick by Chiefs, but he also has a good rookie across from him.

5. Brandon Carr/CB/Kansas City: The Chiefs are going to be a franchise on the rise when they get a decent head coach.

Coach of the Year

1. Tony Sporano, Miami: A great job in his first year, but I can't wait to see what he can do when he gets a pass defense.

2. John Harbaugh, Baltimore: No one would have expected this from Harbaugh, but he has been amazing.

3. Mike Smith, Atlanta: Rookie head coaches have been great the past few years.  The days of retread head coaches are gone, people.

4. Tony Dungy, Indianapolis: His best coaching job was his last year (or at least I assume it will be).

5. Bill Belichick, New England: He's done a lot without Brady and video cameras this year.


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