West Coast Rink Rants

You can't go wrong on a Saturday night in Oakland.

 Especially when you come across astonishing storytellers in the form of East Oakland ticket scalpers, a 56 year old career metal head from West London who poses as optometrist during the day and a Korean couple who had won a pair of concert tickets at their Christmas potluck.

I'm still trying to get a handle on what is more bizarre, the fact that Metallica tickets were raffled off at some astute Silicon Valley engineering company's Christmas party or the notion that this young couple was not quite sure who they were actually going to watch. I'm not kidding, these two had no idea who Lamb of God or Metallica were or that they would inherit an immediate contact high the moment they had their $75.00 upper deck ticket scanned at the door.

There was not much the boys and I could do for them except tell them to stay far away from anything called a mosh pit and offer them a tiny dose of Jagermeister, which was something they both also had never tried.

The woman was more receptive to the Jager, but giving her anymore would have been simply irresponsible. You don't send a rookie metal head into a crowd of rugged, greased up head bangers ready to howl along with the Daddy of all Metal bands stupid, doo-doo dumb off the Jager.

It is wrong.

Her fiancé picked up the reasoning behind our reluctance and took her inside before she forced us to give her another snort.

Oddly enough and in most cases I myself never follow suite when I have earlier given that "voice of reason" pep talk. I insisted on guzzling the Jager, 2 tall cans of Old English and some Absinthe. I trudged along through the concert and I must say the combo of Jager, Absinthe and the clouds of sweet smelling herb (no tokes, sadly I've quit) certainly made the Metallica experience far-out other worldly.

Of course, this is being a hockey forum evokes that anything I toss down in words should have some type of correlation with the main theme of this blog and it does.

For one, I think "Seek and Destroy" should be played at least once in the course of any and all sporting events throughout the world.

How hardcore would it be to see Tiger Woods mobbing towards the 18 at Augusta with the booming voice of James Hetfield encouraging him to do so?

Also, I have not had a camp by the Porcelain God day in years, however, much of Sunday I was like a very inert grazing cow with a headache that probably felt very much like Riley Cote's in the first clip we will watch today. You can't take anything away from Cote based on this outing, Donald Brashear is one of the best and if he continues to lump up other league contenders in this manner, I have no problem crowning him king of the heavyweights. Cote went for it and failed.

Which brings up the question of Milan Lucic.

Should Lucic be tangling with heavyweights like everyone wants or is he alright in picking his spots and taking on guys more his speed?

I have defended Lucic on a few occasions and feel that he does not have anything to prove. He's not fighting for a roster spot and therefore he does need to go head first, kamikaze like into the upper echelon of the heavyweight circuit. Sure it would be nice to see the kid go with monsters like Georges Laraque, Brashear and Derek Boogaard, but if he's not ready, he's not ready.

Whether its Claude Julien telling him to be smart in picking his spots or if it is his own personal decision, when he's ready he'll go.

I just can't imagine this kid be afraid.

Besides, the B's are killer this year and the last thing Lucic and anybody else on that squad is worried about is proving to a bunch of fickle fans how tough he is. Hell, I'd take a lap with Lord Stanley any day over being tossed around by Big Georges.


Brashear vs Cote 12-20-08


Lucic vs Crombeen 12-21-08


No question. He's a killer!










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