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Merry Christmas

1-(1) Boston - I cant move these guys, 26-2. Maybe they could attempt to match the 96 Bulls team.

2-(2) Cleveland-yeah this team is for real. Anderson is making a good replacement as well.

3-(3) L.A. Lakers- They lost back to back games for the first time this year, not looking as strong has they did the first couple months of the season.

4- (4) Orlando- Beating the Spurs and Lakers the Magic are really showing they can beat the Western teams this season.

5- (7) New Orleans- Chris Paul has recorded a steal every contest for 106 games in a row. Thats a new nba record of course.

6-(6) San Antonio- The Spurs are still looking good.

7- (5) Denver- Melo was handled by J Rich of the Suns. I didnt see that coming but in other news Billups could be considered an MVP candidate.

8-(10) Houston- Yao Ming is looking good and thats the reason i took him on my fantasy basketball team.

9- (8) Portland- Dropping but still in the top 10, can they stay here until the All Star Break.

10- (9) Dallas- Davin Harris lit up his former club with 41 points but the Mavs still have Jason Terry and he is looking like a 6th man of the year.

11-(11) Utah- Boozer is looking to do it again, betray fans. Last thursday Boozer told ESPN that he is looking to Opt Out of his contract with Utah. Fans feel betrayed and want Utah to trade Carlos. Larry Miller the owner of the Jazz called it one of the top 10 stupidest comments ever mentioned in Sports.

12- (13) Phoenix- Jason Richardson could be the real deal, the Suns are winning games and he is playing great defense.

 13- (12) Atlanta- Well the Hawks beat the Pistons and they are being led by Bibbys leadership, he has really transformed this team.

14- (19) Milwaukee -Redd is back but not playing 100%.

15-(14) Detroit- Double overtime thriller in Detroit but former Piston Mehmet Okur and teammate Deron Williams were just too much for the Pistons to handle. Paul Millsap continues his dominance over the NBA with Boozer's injury.

16- (17) Chicago- Ben Gordon is lighting it up and the Bulls did away with the Jazz and won both games this season.

17- (17) Miami- Dwayne Wade brought his team back this past week and they are now 14-12. Is the east becoming stronger than the West. I am starting to feel this way.

18- (16) New Jersey- reports: Lopez had 22 points, 13 rebounds and a career-high five blocks in Saturday's loss to Miami, the first Net to go for 20-10-5 since Derrick Coleman in 1990. "He gives us a post presence," Vince Carter said. "He's done a phenomenal job."

19- (22) Indiana- Danny Granger is a beast. 41 points against the Warriors last week.

20- (21) Philadelphia- Elton Brand is injured again... Mo Cheeks is fired, this team really is not what anyone expected this year.  

21- (18) New York- 11-16 now, still playing well. Chris Duhon is playing a ton of minutes. Is anyone sick of hearing about every Sun that has ever played for D'Antoni is rumored to be traded to New York. Marion, Bell, Diaw, and Nash oh and even Amare have all been linked to NY.

22- (24) Charlotte- Diaw is playing a lot better under Larry Browns half court offense.

23- (25) L.A. Clippers- Are they any good this year, i guess so because we dont have them dead less.

24- (23) Memphis- Its frustrating to me because this team should be better. Rudy Gay is an animal and is not getting enough PT. Mayo, Gasol are both solid rookies...

25- (20) Toronto- One of my buddies at work punked me and sent me a fake article that he made where the Raps traded Chris Bosh for Utahs Carlos Boozer, i got really excited then found out that it was fake. It was a bad day at work.

26- (27) Sacramento- Kevin Martin is becoming just injured all the time but Francisco Garcia is back and playing pretty well. Kenny Natt is the new coach after Reggie Theus was fired.

27- (26) Washington- Is Deshawn Stevenson going to remember his game and come back as a viable 3rd option or is he going to let this go.

28- (26) Golden State-  I just really think this team is confused, injuries, to many guards and so on.

29- (29) Minnesota- Bring back Flip Saunders.

30- (30) Oklahoma City- Is there any hope?


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