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With all of the head coaching vacancies and the ones that will open up (Detroit, Cleveland, etc.), it is time to look at the best could-be head coaches available.

5. Todd Haley Cardinals OC: Haley has done an amazing job with Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin.  He's young (41), but he could do a great job with a team that has a good QB and group of wide receivers.  Team He Should Go To: Philadelphia.  If Reid gets fired like he should, Haley would be a great hire for the Eagles.  They could be unspeakably dangerous on offense if they get a coach that knows how to move the ball downfield.  Westbrook would fit in great with his system as well.

4. Jim Schwartz Titans DC: Schwartz has been a great coordinator for the Titans since his arrival in Nashville 7 years ago.  He has made players like Albert Haynesworth and Kyle Vanden Bosch into stars.  His teams are always good both in the pass coverage and run coverage.  It's time for him to get a head coaching job. Team He Should Go To: St. Louis Rams.  The defense in St. Louis is just plain bad.  They haven't had luck in the draft so far.  They can't seem to turn it around.  Schwartz could help make Adam Carriker and Chris Long stars.

3. Rex Ryan Ravens DC: Ryan has been a great defensive coordinator/assistant since the beginning of the decade.  He should have been made a head coach a long time ago.  This is the year.  The Ravens defense has been amazing, and with the team's success, he is ready to get a head coaching gig.  Team He Should Go To: San Francisco.  Like Kansas City, they have a good chance of having a successful defense.  Rex Ryan would be a good mentor for Patrick Willis, who has the potential to be the best linebacker in the league someday.  The Niners would be wise to get a defensive-minded head coach.

2. Steve Spagnuolo Giants DC: The Giants defense is one of the best in the league.  Spagnuolo has made Justin Tuck into a Pro Bowler.  The Giants have a relentless pass rush even after losing both starting defensive ends from last season.  Spagnuolo is the best coordinator in the league, and he has plenty of coaching experience.  It doesn't hurt that he was a scout for the Chargers also.  Team He Should Go To: Kansas City.  The Chiefs have the making of a good defense.  If they could get someone like Michael Johnson in the draft, they would be ready to compete on the defensive side of the ball.  Spagnuolo could do wonders with the Chiefs.

1. Bill Cowher Unemployed: Cowher has had proven success.  Even though I support hiring first-time head coaches, Cowher is the best head coach out there.  He did an amazing job with Pittsburgh in all of those years.  Team He Should Go To: Cleveland.  No one knows the AFC North landscape like he does.  I know that Browns fans all want him.


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