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Let me preface this by saying that I am a diehard Jets fan, season ticket holder, yada yada yada.

Now, with the Jets latest collapse It would seem that the only appropriate move would be the firing of Mangini and crew...but all that is, is a knee jerk reaction publicized by panicking Jets fans. What they need to do is stick it out with Eric for at least one more year.

I know a lot of people are going to read this and think that I am off my rocker, but trust, this is the correct move to make. With any head coach time is necessary for there to be success. Although Mangini's often head scratching play calling decisions leaves most Jets fans ready to commit murder and plead temporary insanity, with time will come success.

Look at Bill Bellichick in Cleveland. The Browns let him go after 4 years and a 36-44 record. I'd bet the Browns would love a mulligan on that one.

The real problem with the team is the mentally insufficient holdovers from the Herm Edwards era, and unfortunately Tanngini hasn't rid the team of all of the holdover problems that they thought necessary. Here is the list of "problems" that MUST GO:

#1. Bob Sutton- A hold over from the Edwards era that rarely seems to have a clue. Doesn't blitz nearly enough, and plays prevent D too early and often.  Must go.

#2. Shawn Ellis- With the latest cops/weed/no insurance incident, and the snowball into the crowd in Seattle, this guy has written his ticket out of town. The Jets made the decision to stick with Ellis instead of Abraham (15.5 sacks this year) and it has not paid dividends. He doesn't produce enough and needs to go.

#3. Laverneus Coles- I loved #87, but he thinks he's better then he actually is. His numbers are poor, his love affair with Chad is disturbing and his comments to the media (in San Francisco and after Seattle) are now means for his release/trade.

These 3 guys, although not the total problem, are a large portion of what ails this Jets squad.

To remedy this situation, Jets brass should do their best to bring in Romeo Crennel. He fits their 3-4 scheme, has an emotional tie to Mangini, and will bring in the aggressive nature the D needs.

The Jets also need to find some DE's to rush the passer. With Ellis being gone (we'll pretend that I have just released him) the Jets need to move Gholston to DE. His progress as LB is slow and he's beginning to look like a bust. Let's put him back at DE and let him do what he did in college, rush the passer. That leaves us with one DE spot open, which can be filled by Bryan Thomas/Calvin Pace.

This does leave a hole at LB, but that's the point. The Jets must get some LB's who can cover. It's obvious that the current linebackers are unable to cover tight ends and RB's. With the addition of 1 or 2 LB's that probelm would be solved.

The Jets, although having a number of young WR's on the roster, would be best suited by making a move at Anquain Boldin. With Boldin and Cotchery, plus Stuckey, Clowney and Smith, the Jets would have an elite receiving corps.

Please don't talk to me about Mangini's demeanor, because when the Jets were 10-6 and in the playoffs 2 years ago, or 8-3 this season(on their way to an AFC East Championship), his calm nature on the sideline was a non-issue. Unless you have been in the locker room during games or at practice, you know nothing about his attitude.

Up next, the QB conversation...stay tuned.


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