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Well, guys, it's the day before Christmas Eve and I'm stuck at home with nothing to do while everyone else is on Christmas Vacation. FGCFF is kind of dead, but I've got no where else to blog. Seeing as I have all the time in the world I am going to do previews of the Top 5 Bowls that are left. Of course it will be my opinion so it's up for debate whether or not these are in fact the Top 5.

At #5 I have the Chick-fil-a Bowl starring the LSU Tigers and the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. I think what intrigues me most about this game is the SEC/ACC aspect of it. In my opinion, the SEC has had a down year this year, and the ACC has had an up year.

The SEC has two heavy weight teams on top, one or two okay teams, and then a lot of down right lowsy teams at the bottom. The ACC on the other hand has no real leaders (except for maybe GT), about 10 pretty good teams and then a couple crap teams. So, the big questions for me in this game are:

  • Will Les Miles be able to to get his team back on track and avoid a 7-6 season?
  • Is GT all it's cracked up to be or does UGA just suck that bad?
  • And finally, is the SEC still the conference it is supposed to be?

Projection: Georgia Tech is the real deal, they run (pun intended) all over LSU, which puts Les in the hot seat...Final Score: GT 42 LSU 20

Coming in at #4 I've got the Georgia Bulldogs versus the Michigan State Spartans in the Capitol One Bowl. As a die hard Dawg fan, I have to have this one in here even though I don't think many people would disagree that this is an interesting match-up. Story of the two programs this season:

UGA, as we all know starts out #1 and is expected to at least go to a BCS bowl. They of course don't start out very convincing and get their **** whooped by the likes of Bama and Florida, which in hindsight, who didn't get their **** whooped by Bama and Florida?

Michigan State, is somewhat of a Cinderella story this season. Being in the Top 25 is an Honor up in East Lansing but from what I gathered Michigan State got killed by any quality team they actually played.

Questions answered in this game include:

  • Can Michigan State beat a ranked team and earn the Big 10 a little respect?
  • Can UGA salvage a season and finish strong?
  • And naturally, let's end this Running Back debate...Moreno or Ringer...who is better?

Projection: Many people are giving UGA the "W" but aren't these the same people that said we would win big against Auburn and Kentucky? Georgia wins, but it's a nail-biter...Final Score: UGA 35 MSU 31

The #3 best Bowl is going to be played tonight between Boise State and TCU in the blah blah blah to long to type out Poinsettia Bowl. I like this bowl because it is a non-conference Bowl that ACTUALLY AFFECTS College Football! Two Top 15 teams, one undefeated, one looking for respect.

As we all know, Boise State launched itself into National spotlight with the defeat of Oklahoma in the 2006 Fiesta Bowl. Boise State is also playing to be the first team in the BCS era to have TWO undefeated seasons. TCU on the other hand, plays in arguably, the toughest non-BCS conference, the Mountain West. Things to think about while these teams are duking it out tonight:

  • How will TCU fair against this ranked opponent?
  • Will Boise State be able to handle the physical defense of TCU?
  • Can TCU prove that a) the Mountain West is a force to be reckoned with and b) the WAC freaking sucks!?

Projection: Personally, I don't think Boise stands a chance against TCU. TCU is going to come in ready to break some necks and B.S. University won't know what hit 'em. Final Score: TCU 34 Boise State 13 

Okay, we are almost to #1, but first we have the Oklahoma State Cowboys versus the Oregon Ducks at #2 in the Holiday Bowl. This is going to be like a conference game for the Cowboys. Two high-powered offenses simply trying to score the most points. 

Oklahoma State has been fighting for respect all season long, trying to upset at least one of the Big 12 South powerhouses. Unfortunately Oklahoma State did not but they are hoping for a chance to beat a ranked opponent in this game.

The Ducks were a surprise in the Pac-10 this year. Coming in 2nd to non other than "you know who". Oregon has really found some offensive rhythm at seasons close, and I expect them to hang with Oklahoma State. Any questions?:

  • Who can get a stop on defense? (That will be a game winner)
  • Does OSU come into this game with a chip on their shoulders?
  • Can Oregon's QB, Masoli, continue to perform well?

Projection: Oregon has a more proven defense than Oklahoma State. The Cowboys have not shown they can stop a potent offense and that will make all the difference...Final Score: Oregon 51 Oklahoma State 42





My pick for the #1 Bowl this season may surprise some people and may cause a little contraversy, but hey, I like contraversy. I am going to start off by saying NO it isn't the National Championship game! I'm tired of hearing about the Gaytors and stupid Bradford, who by the way didn't deserve the Heisman over Tebow or McCoy.....anyway, my pick for the #1 bowl game this season is...................Texas versus Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl!

I am not going to analyze this bowl, but I am going to have a few questions that I think this Bowl will answer:

  • Did Texas deserve a spot in the National Title?
  • Why the hell is Ohio State in another mother****in' BCS bowl?
  • And finally, can Texas boost Big 12 dominance and can Ohio State boost the Big 10 reputation? 

So, there you have it! My Top 5 Bowls of this year! I hope you guys have a great Christmas and Go Dawgs! -TK   


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