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The Brewers are one of the few teams who can say they have too much offense and they need to get rid of some of it.  It puts them in a precarious and potentially fatal situation though.  They have spent the better part of 8 years drafting only to improve their offense and it has left their pitching prospects few and far between.  The only legitimate pitcher to come out of the Brewers farm system in the past 5 years is Yovani Gallardo, who however, may be the next Johan Santana. 

The pitchers the Brewers expect to invite to camp this year include...Chris Capuano, Yovani Gallardo, Jeff Suppan, Dave Bush, Seth McClung, Jorge Julio, Todd Coffey, Mark DeFilice, Tim Dillard, Luis Pena, David Riske, Mitch Stetter, Carlos Villanueva, Eduardo Morlan, Manny Parra, RJ Swindle.  The pitchers with the potential to start are bolded.

And most likely a familiar face will be back with Brewers next year...Ben Sheets.  So where does this leave the Brewers?  Well, if you count Sheets, their rotation could look something like this...

Ben Sheets
Yovani Gallardo
Manny Parra
Jeff Suppan
Dave Bush

Now that is not horrible.  It has the potential, with a good offense to make the playoffs.  Villanueva would also look good on the rotation but he is so valuable out of the pen as he can be a set up man, a closer and a long reliever...the Brewers cant waste their best pen pitcher.  McClung was also good out of the pen and rotation last year but he too, is way to valuable as a reliever to ever risk starting him again.  I would rather him be throwing his insane 100 MPH fast ball, than pitching 5-6 innings.  With a couple signings of relievers and starters...especially Fuentes, Lyons, and Looper.  The Brewers will start the year better off than they were at the beginning of last year.  Parra is maturing, Bush FINALLY developed into the pitcher everyone thought he could be, and Gallardo is the blooming Ace.

But as I mentioned earlier the Brewers have overloaded themselves with offense.  Last year they got rid of one of those players...Matt LaPorta.  In order to get the best pitcher in the game.  Could the Brewers potentially do something like that this off-season...Oh yes.

Their bulky offense includes a few players that have teams drooling all over...J.J. Hardy, Alcides Escobar, Mat Gamel, Mike Cameron, Prince Fielder, Angel Salome, and Corey Hart.  Plus a few others they wouldnt mind having...Rickie Weeks, Mike Rivera, Bill Hall, and Tony Gwynn.

Of these players, I see the Brewers parting with one of their Shortstops...Hardy or Escobar.  Mike Cameron, Angel Salome, Bill Hall and Rickie Weeks.  Thats good trade fodder for any team looking for either veteran experience or young talent.

Escobar is the best minor league defensive infielder in the league but his bat came into question early in his career.  However, he settled those worriers down when he hit .330 this year and stole 30 bases.  Angel Salome is one of the best hitting catchers in the entire minor league system.  He is going to hit .300 in the pros but his defense is very suspect and he doesnt seem like a good fit for Milwaukee.  The rest of the players you probably know or can look up...they are all good and worthy of a trade.

So that leads me to my final few points.  Who would the Brewers trade...and who would they get?

Let me see...hmmm...first trade.

Mike Cameron, Bill Hall -------- Yankees: Phil Hughes, Cody Ransom, Melky Cabrera

Second Trade

J.J. Hardy, Angel Salome, Rickie Weeks, Mark Rodgers -------- Padres: Jake Peavy, Brian Giles

The second one is less likely to occur but I feel it is a very fair trade.  The Padres get an All-Star Shortstop, a futures all-star game catcher, a second baseman who was once considered the next best and a pitcher who was considered for awhile to be the best in the Brewers system.  And the Brewers take the Pitcher they need plus free up a lot of money for the Padres to start re-building.  In my trade the Brewers provided 3 immediate starters...all of whom are 27 and under.

So, if Doug Melvin, Kevin Tower, and Brian Cashman read my blog.  I just gave all three of them great ideas.


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