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Once again, the Yankees make a big offseason signing for an even bigger amount of money. Unfortunately, Mark Teixiera signed an eight-year, $180 millon deal with none other than the New York Yankees. That give the Yankees the four highest paid players in the MLB. Besides those guys, the Yankees also gave C.C. Sabathia and A.J. Burnett very big deals.

As a diehard Red Sox, I obviously wanted Teixiera to sign with...the Nationals. That's right, not the Red Sox. Althought it would be great to have a big bat like Teixiera's, he doesn't realy fit in with the Red Sox clubhouse, I think he would bring down the team's chemistry. And I definitely didn't him to sign with the Yankees of all teams and then it would be nice to see the Orioles get a player once in a while, but they are also in the AL East. That leaves the Nationals. Sadly, that didn't happen.

Also, his agent is Scott Boras. Remember what happened the middle of last season with Boras? Manny Ramirez, along with agent Scott Boras, worked his way out of Boston by not playing and faking injuries, leading to us trading a way perhaps our best hitter. That left a gap in our lineup which would have been nice to fill up, but I wouldn't want to deal with Boras for eight years.

Teixiera was a great signing by the Yankees. He is, as I said, a great hitter, one of the best, and he fits in with the Yankees. He doesn't show very much emotion and as far as I know, he hasn't even had any facial hair. Now, I haven't been exactly an avid follower of him, but that's what I have noticed. C.C. Sabathia seems like a good signing as well, unless he struggles under the pressure in New York like he does in the playoffs. A.J. Burnett, not so great. He got way too much money. He had a great year in a contract year. Most other years, he is consistently injured. He is just not healthy enough to be worth that kind of money if you ask me.

Also, for those of you say the Red Sox and Yankees are ruining the league by spending too much. Look at the Rays last season. They got to the World Series with a low payroll and the Phillies won the World Series which shows that other teams can win. And for those of you who say that Red Sox fans are hypocrites for talking about the Yankees' spending habits; be quiet. Over the last five years the Yankees have spent $330 million more than the Red Sox over the last five years. You can do the math on how much that is per year.

Although the Red Sox don't necessarily need to improve, I would feel a lot safer with a few sigings. We have a lot of questions. David Ortiz wasn't himself last season and I know that he got injured, but what if those are signs for thigns to come? Mike Lowell also got hurt, how will he be affected by it? Who will be the replacement for Manny Ramirez? Jason Varitek? That last question was self-explanatory.


Since I haven't been on FanNation in a long time I will switch to another sport. If you knew that I am a Celtics fan, I'm sure you could have guessed what I was planning on writing about. The Celtics are on a franchise-best streak of nineteen straight wins, thanks to tonight's defeat of the 76ers. Are they better than last year? Yes. However, I'm not so sure that they will repeat.

Yes, I know that last year they beat the Lakers in the Finals and yes, I'm aware I said they are better. Rajon Rondo has been amazing this season, so good that I'm considering calling it the Big Four. Even with Rondo's improvement, I just don't see the Celtics repeating.

It is very difficult for any team to defeat. Now the Lakers have Andrew Bynum back who is plenty tougher than anyone who player in the Finals last season. LeBron James and the Cavaliers are another vastly improved team. The Hawks, who went to game seven against the Celtics last season, also got better.

I can't wait for Christmas. Not for persents or even seeing my family, but for the Lakers and Celtics playing each other. I'm pumped.


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