You have seen the recent articles on how over-rated Derek Jeter is at his position?  Multiple people have done the math and proven time and time again just how over-rated Derek Jeter is. Lets be serious here. If he played on any team but New York he would be called out for just how bad a SS stop he is.


For multiple years Derek Jeter led the majors in ending games. That is right. It means he was the last guy at bat when the Yankees lost. So much for MR. Clutch. Jeter led that stat in all of baseball.


 Jeter is the real fraud. Not A-Rod.


  Now lets talk about how selfish Jeter is as a player. It was reported in 07 how Jeter treats A-Rod. He makes the rest of the players on the team not include Alex and he makes sure it is known that no one should include Alex. What is he in high school?  All because A-Rod said in a GQ article a million years ago that anyone can win a title playing for the NY Yankees. The hilarious part is that was true at the time he said it but it isn't true anymore.


Another reason Jeter is selfish is because he refused to switch to third base when A-Rod was traded to NY. A-Rod was the player that agreed to switch to third to not mess with saint Jeter. We all know that A-Rod was the better short stop. He was on his way to being the best SS of all time but because Jeter refused to switch positions the Yankees lost out on what could have been. Imagine how much more A-Rod could have done as a SS instead of a third baseman? He would have felt more ccomfortable in NY and who knows how much better he could have been at the plate in October. All those error's must have effected him.


Face the facts NY. Your media is full of idiots and so is your team. Jetrer is the Captain.

November 19, 2010  03:39 AM ET

yo band of gold you are legit an idiot dude. Explain to me why Don Mattingly, who also had a payroll team won no titles with the Yankees and why Arod who tested positive for performance enhancing drugs and knew he had to swallow his pride to get paid enough to play with Jeter and win a championship for "saint Jeter" who has an overall batting average over .300 and has numerous gold gloves and 5 championships so please when u say the yanks buy championships let me know how the mets and the red sox have done as well. And dude my gayman "Saint Jeter" will always win over your wanna be blogger **** every time. Dude we all know pitching is equivalent to winning congrads dude took you so long to figure that out. And hey dude im in college and I schooled your 30+ **** so when u say mother's basement to all the yankee fans/ "Jeter lovers" i hope i don't mean your own mother's basement. Thank you for your time I hope I didn't offend you in any way but the way you have posted your ideas have been disrespectful and someone had to call u out on it.


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