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AFC East:

NY Jets 9-6 (Home: 5-2) need Jacksonville 5-10 (Road: 3-4) to beat Baltimore 10-5 (Home: 5-2), Buffalo 7-8 (Home: 3-4) to beat  New England 10-5 (Road: 5-2)and then the Jets need to beat Miami just to make a wildcard. Going 0-4 on the West Coast dident help them, was Favre worth it?

New England 10-5 (Road: 5-2) need to beat Buffalo 7-8 (Home: 3-4) and then they need to watch an hope the NY Jets 9-6 (Home: 5-2) can beat Miami 10-5 (Road: 5-2) to win the division. A made for t.v. movie season if they can run the galunt.

Miami 10-5 (Road: 5-2) only need to get past the NY Jets 9-6 (Home: 5-2) to capture their first AFC East title in almost 9 years last title was in 2000.

The AFC East was/has been one of the most difficult division to win in, every year a team need 10 wins or more to make the playoffs. This year won't be any different as the Pats could win 11 and sit on the side lines. Miami could go 10-6 and along with the asumed 10-6 Jets be on the outs.

AFC West:

What is going to happen as Denver 8-7 (Road: 4-3) travels to San Diego 7-8 (Home: 4-3) on the final Sunday night game of the regular season. That night as the final kick off the regular season begins and as the football goes end over end in the air it won't be the only thing in the air that night. There will be the smell of desperation as Denver takes the field as they hope to prove they are the best in the West as they try to hold off the West Coast "Rocky". This game will be much like the Rocky vs. Apollo Creede as Denver (Apollo) had the season won and then they lost track of what was at steak and let San Diego (Rocky) get right back in the fight how will this game end will Apollo remain champ or could Rocky knock him on his butt.

The rest of the AFC is, well pretty much decited the North is the Steelers and the South the Titans with one wildcard spot locked up by the Colts and the other to be decited Sunday.

In the NFC we have a few story lines that could make it instring.

NFC East:

If Dallas 9-6 (Road: 3-4) wins against Philadelphia 8-6-1 (Home: 5-2) they are in the playoffs, if they lose  Phillips is looking for a new job. Even though; Jerry Jones said "The coaches are in place," Jones during the Cowboys' practice said. "I've said that. How can I be any clearer? We've got our coaches in place. We've got a lot of our personnel in place."  Then he followed it up by saying "I'm saying that when I look at where we are coaching staff-wise, and when I look at where we are personnel-wise, I see a team that is in place to compete for several years. And I'd like to go in that new stadium with a Super Bowl win." With that kind of pressure can the CowBoys preform agains a Philly team playing for their own play off spot assuming the Bucs lose.

NFC South:

Tampa Bay 9-6 (Home: 6-1) will be at home against Oakland 4-11 (Road: 2-5), the Bucs will be playing for a potential playoff spot, knock off Oakland and hope that the Eagles beat Dallas. The Bucs have almost played them selves out of the playoffs all togther drooping the last 3 games.

St. Louis 2-13 (Road: 1-6) will play host to a rookie qb, rookie coach, and a team that already has a wildcard spot in Atlanta 10-5 (Home: 6-1) and a chance to win the division. In order to win the division and the covited first round bye they need to get past the Rams, then have the Saints beat the Panthers.

Carolina 11-4 (Road: 3-4) will travel to New Orleans 8-7 (Home: 6-1) not only playing for the division title but a first round bye and all the Panthers have to do is win. Thats right if they lose the the Saints they lose the division title that they have been in control of since week 1, can they hold on and keep it?

NFC North:

Minnesota 9-6 (Home: 5-2) can they beat the NY Giants 12-3 (Road: 5-2) and ensure their playoff hopes or are they going to lose and hope the Bears lose. Thats right if the Bears lose and the Viking win the Vikes make the playoffs.

Houston 7-8 (Home: 5-2) will play host to a team chasing down a dream; Chicago 9-6 (Road: 3-4) is chasing the dream of making the playoffs for the second time in 3 years. with a win and a Vikings, Dallas or Bucs loss Da Bears are in a loss and Da Bear are hitting the Links.

We know for sure that the Giants and Atlanta are safe from elimination. Even if the Cards lose this week they will still be in the playoffs, even if the Seahawks, 49ers, and the Rams win. The Cards might be the worst team to make it to the playoffs in years, thats not saying they can't do what the Giants did. With only one/two wild card spots open the race to the finsih will be exciting.



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