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Simply awful.  No one on the whole team showed up, and they all played like they didnt care if they won or lost the game.  Well, guess what?  They got blown out 44-6!

 Phillips is to blame for this game.  He didnt motivate the team at all, and it showed as Philadelphia came out and kicked Dallas' butts.  On the sidelines Phillips looks confused and befuddled.  And it shows.  When he went to bring out the punt team in the 3rd quarter, Romo somply overruled him and sent the punt team back to the sideline.  That just cany happen.  You can not have your QB overrule your coach like that.

Now was it the right decision to go for it on 4th down?  Yes.  But, Phillips made the call to punt, and he was simply ignored and overruled.  This kind of stuff just can not happen on a playoff team.  Dallas has taken on the persona of their head coach, which happens to be undisciplined and lazy.  Players constantly miss tackles and put themselves in a poor position to succeed. 

 Now on to Jason Garrett.  He has been very disappointing this year.  He hasnt been able to involve Roy Williams into the offense, and hasnt been able to stop Romo from constantly turning the ball over.  Garrett hasnt been able to make this offense gel at all, and seems overwhelmed with the assistant head coach job and offensive coordinator.  I dont think he should be a candidate for the next head coach, I dont even think he deserves to be back next year. There is no reason for an offense with as much talent as the Cowboys to be as bad as it is. 

Brian Stewart is even worse.  The defense was terrible when he was calling it, and it took Wade Phillips taking over for the defense to get positive momentum going.  Stewart is the one who put in the bend but dont break scheme in Dallas, and that philosiphy has not worked at all.  Stewart's secondary doesnt tackle consistently, and constantly make bone-headed plays. 

Bruce Read is the worst of them all.  So bad, that Head Coach Wade Phillips had to bring in an assistant special teams coach in the middle of the season to help assist Bruce Read.  It hasnt helped.  Dallas special teams are simply awful, and anybody who watches the Cowboys will know this.  

So basically, Im calling for ALL of the coaches mentioned above to be FIRED.   Each has come up short in their respective job. 

For the new head coach, I would hire Mike Holmgren for several reasons.  First off, he has won Super Bowls before and knows how to win in the postseason.  Secondly, he is an offensive guy, and could further develop Romo and turn him into a better QB.  Lastly, I like that he won a Super Bowl with the gun slinging Brett Favre, which shows me he can win with QBs throwing picks, which Romo seems to do alot off.  Mike is a firey guy, and his Seattle team still plays hard despite having an unreal amount of injuries this year and not being contenders.

Holmgren did good things with Seattle, taking them all the way to the Super Bowl.  Holmgren can make this Dallas team more disciplined and can establish a consistently sucessful team, both in the regular and post season.  A proven winner is the only way to go for the next head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.


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